Reading is Fun Week on May, 2022: How can I make reading fun for my 7 year old?

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Reading is Fun Week 2022. The stories La tells....: Reading is Fun Week...May 12 is Reading Is Fun Week

How can I make reading fun for my 7 year old?

The more you read with your child the more they will enjoy it. Become the character. My grandchildren will be 4 years old next month and I have been reading to them since they were 2. They love it when you really get into the book. Your son is a little older, but if you make it fun, he will enjoy it. Make sure the books are interesting and about things he enjoys. Be patient with him. Keep a chart and give him a star sticker for each book he reads to you and at the end of each week if he has met your goal and has enough stars then take him to his favorite place to eat, or something else he would like to do. He will start counting those stars and want to keep adding more, which means more reading. Good Luck & God Bless.

How many books did you read this week for fun?

How many books did you read this week for fun?

In the last seven days?

Three "regular" novels and at least five graphic novels.

I love to read.

summer reading?

summer reading?

One autobiographical book that I really liked was "Two Weeks with My Brother" by Nicholas Sparks. It reads more like a novel, and goes between describing a vacation around the world that the author is taking with his brother and describing events that happened during their childhood as well as recent years. It is about their connection as brothers and how they were so close when they were younger and are now re-connecting in their 40's(?) since they have grown apart, both geographically and emotionally. This book actually made me laugh out loud and actually shed a tear at a particularly sad moment (I never react that way to books!). Nicholas Sparks has also written a lot of other books, so one of his other books would be good for the fiction choice, perhaps "The Notebook."

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