National Chemistry Week on October, 2024: When is the national chemistry exam for 2012?

National Chemistry Week 2024. National Chemistry Week (NCW) is an annual event held in the USA to raise public awareness of the importance of chemistry in everyday life.

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National Chemistry Week (NCW) is an annual event held in the USA to raise public awareness of the importance of chemistry in everyday life.

When is the national chemistry exam for 2012?

This probably refers to the National Chemistry Olympiad sequence of tests.

National insurance/tax question?

National insurance/tax question?

National Insurance pays for lots eg Health services that you'll access all your life

It also contributes to your state pension, which might seem a long way off, but if you don't have sufficient contributions you won't get a full state pension.

If you ever need to claim job seekers allowance it also is based on your N.I. contributions

You will only be taxed if you are going to earn £7475 a year or more, so if you are only working for 8 weeks you should not pay tax anyway

Pros and cons of joining national guard while getting college education?

Pros and cons of joining national guard while getting college education?


What is your college major? If you are in Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Math, and some computer science majors, it could be a real drag on your GPA. Reason: You have mandatory one weekend a month drill. That means no time to study for exams following week or to do lab/research papers. When you go to drill you do military type things.

If you are history, business, pre-law, education or other soft majors, then you may be OK but keep in mind a final exam on Monday after a drill weekend means you need to know the subject thoroughly since you won't have time to do much of a review. Two exams on that Monday and it could be problematic.

The two weeks Active Duty for Training (ADT) can be during the summer or in the middle of a semester. Normally, the Commanding Officer gives waivers for college students though you would be required to make up your ADT time in the summer (no summer classes unless they are 1/2 summer semster type and you can coordinate your schedule). Don't forget that when you sign up, you go to Basic and additional training to include MOS training (job). That usually takes a total of 6 months - all of it away from your studies. Hopefully, it doesn't put you out of sequence for your 3rd and 4th year studies. That could be painful. Something to think about and the need to map out your curriculum requirements that allows you to graduate is a must.

I know the above from personal experience.

Now to the other part of your question: You appear pretty insecure based on your statements. People yelling at you in Basic do not help you build self-confidence. They are yelling at you so that you learn to obey orders from anyone who out ranks you and that will be most everyone in your NG unit until you slowly gain rank. With college, you get to be an E-3 (Private First Class). That is pretty far at the bottom of the rank ladder. Discipline you will definitely get but it probably is not the type you are thinking of (self-confidence).

Mobilization - a real issue these days since the Pentagon is relying less on active duty forces to handle real world situations and more on the Reserves and Guard. My brother, a Guard member deployed to Iraq little over a year ago. His NG unit is preparing for another deployment now. So, yes, you could be mobilized and deployed in the middle of a semester of classes.

Time to serve - 6 years with 2 years in Inactive Ready Reserve for a total of 8. At this time, women have no military obligation until they sign on the line. Men have a mandatory 8 years under the Selective Draft.

Recommend to join or not? ONLY you can make that decision. Your GPA is irrelevant.

Why have a fear of being yelled at? Is this something your boyfriend does to you? If so, dump him. He is not worth noise. Normal work environments that you would encounter after college does not include people yelling at you, so don't worry about that if that is an issue.

Personal recommendation - If you REALLY want to be in the military, consider applying for OCS due to your college education. The Army has a SMP program that you need to look into (google it). That said, you MUST have self-confidence to be successful in OCS. You also must be in very good physical condition to make it through also. Google Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test and look at the requirements for women. Get to be a 1st Class score on the Marine Corps PFT and you will have no problem in the Army OCS/SMP program.

Good luck.

Lieutenant Colonel, U S Marine Corps-Retired (enlisted Marine, GI Bill, shorttime drilling Reserves while in college, Marine PLC pgm, commissioned, 27 years total - been there and done that)

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