National Friends of Libraries Week on October, 2024: How to make new friends?

National Friends of Libraries Week 2024. National+Friends+of+the+ ... National Friends of the

How to make new friends?

So sorry to hear your friend is going to be leaving soon. Its great that you are thinking ahead and trying to find friends before he/she goes so that you have people to hang out with, talk to, and be there for you. Try going to places or doing activities you enjoy that would help you to meet people. Volunteer somewhere, go to a gym or park, a library, a coffeeshop, wherever and strike up a conversation. If you are in school, you could participate in some after school activities, or find a classmate and ask them to study with you. Make a goal that you will talk to one new person every week. Even if you don't become friends, its good to get out and meet people. And ya never know when you could meet a new potential friend! Good luck!

Melissa, Counselor

Boys Town National Hotline


My friend needs pimple help?!?

My friend needs pimple help?!?

I use Bath & Body Gel, with washcloth.

She should keep them clean & oil-free, that's the secret.

Tell her to treat her face like the rest of her body. That's a sign she's allergic to something, and since she doesn't know what she's allergic from, she shouldn't cover them up by taking more 'medicated' products FOR ACNE, because they're really not helping (no one does, that's more chemicals after chemicals).

BTW: "Benzoyl peroxide has been shown to be a tumor promoter and progression agent in a number of animal studies. The clinical significance of this is unknown." "Benzoyl peroxide in acetone at doses of 5 and 10 mg administered twice per week induced skin tumors in transgenic Tg.AC mice in a study using 20 weeks of topical treatment."

"Inorganic peroxide (benzoyl peroxide) (H(2)O(2))-mediated malignant transformation was also enhanced effectively by iron."

"Therefore, in addition to its known ability to promote papilloma and carcinoma formation in the back skin of mice, benzoyl peroxide is also able to promote the formation of melanotic tumors in the dermis of hamsters."

"CONCLUSION: This study indicated that benzoyl peroxide could increase carcinogenesis of golden hamster tongue which induced by DMBA. Consideration of promoting agent should be taken in carcinogenesis as well as carcinogen."

"...followed by topical treatment with benzoyl peroxide, a tumor promoter (20 mg/animal/0.2 ml acetone) twice a week for 1 month..."

A search in PubMed, an online directory of medical studies throughout the medical community, shows over 113 studies relating to benzoyl peroxide and skin cancer. Over 2/3 of these show a causative association between benzoyl peroxide and skin cancer.

It's real simple. If a product contains a known carcinogen, that product is carcinogenic. ProActiv contains a known carcinogen, at a percentage known to promote skin cancer.

The above citations are linked to the National Library of Medicine on my site:

The FDA has called for more safety studies on benzoyl peroxide because of concern about what happens when skin treated with it is exposed to the sun. Until research can establish or disprove a possible skin cancer link to the use of benzoyl peroxide products, the agency plans to require an extra warning and directions on the labeling: "When using this product, avoid unnecessary sun exposure and use sunscreen." and "If going outside, use a sunscreen. Allow [product name] to dry, then follow directions in the sunscreen labeling. If irritation or sensitivity develops, discontinue use of both products and consult a doctor."

National Parks of the USA tent camping suggestions?

National Parks of the USA tent camping suggestions?

Ahhh... the sun & the moon & stars. You have a big dream with long distances. It is a good idea but you have to take into account time and distance. How long and how far will you want to travel per day and for how many days. You talk east to west trip but the places you want to see are north to south. As for showers the national parks don't offer showers. You can buy most of the equipment you need for less over here. Walmart, Kmart,, Bass Pro Shops. I don't think you are into backpacking and long hiking trips so weight quality is not a trade off. West of the Rockies the gas prices go up a lot. Every town has some place to buy ice and food. As you travel you'll find the stores you like and just about every other exit on the interstate has a Walmart. For Cycling try adventure cycling on the web and Look into our National Forests for camping and wilderness over the Nat. Parks. State Parks have better camping facilities, showers, beaches. For cycling in Colorado there are two good cycle paths along I 70. Glenwood canyon and Vail Pass. In Idaho/Montana the Hiawatha(sp) rail trail is a wilderness, no roads except the path 18 miles downhill with a shuttle bus at the bottom. Mt. Rushmore is near Custer State Park which is about 10XBetter than the over sized carvings. The whole Yellowstone area inside and outside the park is worth a lifetime. Make a point of seeing the geysers at night hopefully under a full moon with the stars. Wild animals are not a worry. At any and all truck stops and discount stores you can buy a road atlas with campsites listed. Every state, city and county has a website for tourists and camping suggestions. All libraries have internet. Every bank has an ATM. Places to avoid. I'm not a big fan of anything East of the Rockies too crowded. You'll find the west more interesting. As a general rule I keep the gas tank 1/2 full and 2 gallons of water per day, food for three days and let it happen. You'll find a small propane gas stove (any discount store) a must for cooking. You can make a campfire for pleasure at just about all campsites. Also they have picnic tables. You can walk around the campsite and get lots of advice as to gear, and the road ahead.

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