World Hearing Aid Awareness Week on September, 2024: help with AIDS homework?

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help with AIDS homework?

One thing we can ALL do is to practice safe sex so we don't get infected with AIDS and, if we've got it, we don't pass it on.

We can ALL make our voices heard and campaign against any sect or organisation that restricts access to condoms or that discourages their use.

We can raise money/make a donation to AIDS education or outreach workers. We can raise money or make a donation to research into AIDS avoidance and treatment. A few of us can become highly trained scientists or doctors and be involved directly in AIDS research. What we can't do is to change the world on our own.

We are just little people. No one ordinary individual is going to make a difference to AIDS but if each person does the few tiny things that they CAN do, collectively we can make a difference. There is an expression: " BE the change you want to see in the world". The solution starts with each of us. All it takes is the willpower.

If someone very close to died of AIDS would you speak out about it?

If someone very close to died of AIDS would you speak out about it?

First I want to say that I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope he did not suffer much and I hope he is in a better place smiling down on you.

Your Uncle's medical status was his and when he was alive he made the decisions he wanted with respect to who he made aware of his condition. Some people with HIV/AIDS go and do public speeches about their virus, some only tell family, and some only find support from their doctor and/or social workers. This is the choice people make and whatever we may feel about it, we must honor this choice...even after their death. As a social worker in the HIV/AIDS field I've been to too many funerals where I am the only person in the room who knew what the person really passed away from. I want to scream "HIV is REAL!" but I know I would be dishonoring my clients wishes and choices. It is not my disclosure to make.

You can do so much within the HIV/AIDS community without having to use your uncle's name or his status. Just talking about risky behavior and HIV/AIDS awareness with your friends does so much for the cause. Supporting organizations that do outreach efforts also furthers the cause. Get involved, be active, make a change! If your frustrated that no one talks about HIV then change the world we live in so that maybe 10 yrs from now someone else's niece won't feel the same frustration you feel! Take care.

Does std’s and or aids still exist? Is there enough awareness in society and culture?

Does std's and or aids still exist? Is there enough awareness in society and culture?

They still exist but people in the developed world now know how to protect themselves.

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