National Pancake Week on March, 2024: Survey: Do Americans celebrate pancake day?

National Pancake Week 2024. Pancake Week 2011 — La Fuji Mama Pancake Week

Survey: Do Americans celebrate pancake day?

It's just a random holiday people made up for the fun of it. Nobody even knows about it.

National Pancake Week--February 21-27

National Pancake Day--September 26

Funny national days anyone?

Funny national days anyone?

National Tap Dance Day is on May 25.

All American Breakfast Month--September 1-30

Better Breakfast Month--September 1-30

Prune Breakfast Month--January 1-31

National Egg Month--May 1-31

National Eggs Benedict Day--April 16

Oatmeal Month--January 1-31

Oatmeal Muffin Day--December 19

National Pancake Week--February 21-27

National Pancake Day--September 26

Waffle Day--March 25

Maple Syrup Saturday--3rd Saturday in March

National Maple Syrup Day--December 17

National Applejack Month--October 1-31

National fundraising advents?

National fundraising advents?

Need a wee bit more information: what grade/age of students? in USA or another country? parochial school or public? just students or parent involvement?

I mean you can have a cultural day, like a Cinco De Mayo Day, where students show country pride. (done this one) You could have a wear Red and decorate your school for Red Ribbon week, for an anti-drug theme. (done this one) You could have a jog-a-thon to raise money for something or someone. (dont this one) You could suggest families bring in their gently used age appropriate books and do a book exchange on campus. For every book a student brings in, they get to pick one (not their own) back from the piles of books. (dont this one)

Good luck.

Holidays also on this date Friday, March 1, 2024...
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