National Stationery Week on May, 2025: does anyone know were i can get a two weeks to view diary were the week begins on sunday?

National Stationery Week 2025. National Stationery Week National Stationery Week is a

does anyone know were i can get a two weeks to view diary were the week begins on sunday?

Ask your LOCAL stationery shop to order one for you. The nationals probably wont.

ive never been self employed before, please help, how much "roughly" would i pay tax & n

ive never been self employed before, please help, how much "roughly" would i pay tax & n.i on £420 a week?

Add up your net income. This is

420 * 52 = £21840 per year.

Remember to deduct all necessary costs which your business needs to function. This depends on the business, but could involve the costs of running a car (a tax for instance), fuel, office rents, stationery etc.

Whatever is left is net profit.

If you earn more than £125 a week or £540 a month you will pay income tax. You can ignore the first amount of your earnings (about £6480 per year), and this is shown in your tax code, the HMRC will give you this.

So you would pay income tax on:


The tax would be at 20%


National Insurance for self employed is a flat rate of £2.40/week.

2.4*52=£124.80 per year

Your earnings seem high, make sure you knock off all costs, mileage allowance (40p per mile under 10,000 miles, 20p per mile after that), car maintenance, office, phone, etc. An accountant will help you. This may cost anything from £200 - £400 depending where you are and local prices, but could save you money on your tax return.

How would I pay taxes on adverts for a personal website in the UK?

How would I pay taxes on adverts for a personal website in the UK?

The advertising revenue will be treated as self employment income  In the uk self employed people pay tax and national insurance. 

The following paragraphs are based on rates for the 2011-12 tax year which ends on 5 April 2012. 

Everybody in the UK gets a personal allowance of £7,475. If your net profit is under this amount you won't pay any tax. Any money earned over this amount you will pay 20% tax until you reach the higher rate tax threshold.  

So if your net profit is £10,000, you calculate your tax as:

10000 - 7475 = 2525 x 20% = £505. 

Self employed people pay two classes of national insurance. Class 2 national insurance and class 4 national insurance. Class 2 NI is charged at £2.50 per week no matter how much you earn. If your net profit is under £5315 you can opt not to pay this when you register for self employment, but this may affect you entitlement to some benefits. Class 4 NI is calculated at 9% on profits over £7225. 

So if your net profit is £10,000, Class 4 NI would be calculated as follows:

10000 - 7225 = 2775 x 9% = £250

Class 2 NI would be £130.00

Class 4 NI would be £250.00

Tax would be £505.00

On £10000 you would owe £885 when you file your tax return. 

Net profit is your money in minus your expenses. The accounts should be straightforward, with income consisting of advertising revenue, and expenses being the hosting fees in order to generate that income. You may be able to claim additional expenses like computer costs, stationery etc that is used in the business which will help to minimise taxable profit, or create a loss which can be set-off against other income.

When you start you need to quickly register with HMRC as a self employed person to avoid getting a penalty. You can do this online on the HMRC website or call the registration line on 0845 915 4515. 

If you start earning before 5 April 2012, the first Return you will need to complete is the 2011-12 Return. The deadline for completing your 2011-12 Return is 31 January 2013 if you file it online. If you want to file a paper Return you need to file it by 31 October 2012.

The earlier you file, the earlier you will get any refund or know how much tax is due. Any tax or class 4 national insurance that you are due to pay for the year will be due on 31 January 2013. If you owe more than £1000 you will owe a payment on account for the following year (2012-13) on the same day. The payment on account will be half the tax due for 2011-12. So the quicker you get it in, the more time you will have to prepare. 

If you complete your Return online it will tell you how much you owe. You can then pay online or by cheque or credit/debit card etc. Regular statements will be sent to you. 

Your self assessment Return should show all your income for the year not just your self employment income. If you don't have income from any other source you will only need to fill in the main body of the Return and a self employment page. 

As a final point you can ask to go on a short free course when you register. The course will show you how to fill in the Return. 

Good luck with the venture. 

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