National Dog Bite Prevention Week on May, 2024: Self-defense against dogs?

National Dog Bite Prevention Week 2024. Dog Bite Prevention Week Use our National Dog Bite

Self-defense against dogs?

Here are a couple of links, with information on how to protect yourself and get away from a dog that is trying to attack you and do it correctly. I've never been in a situation either walking with my dogs or alone where I was attacked by a dog. Hopefully I won't ever be in that situation. Here's the links!

This link will tell you what you need to do if your a parent and you are in a situation,where you have to defend and protect your child from an attacking dog so there is less chance of anyone being seriously injured.

This link has information on how to teach a child how to defend and protect themselves against an aggressive dog, who is ready to attack or already attacking the child.

This link has information if you are a jogger or like to walk on how to protect yourself against a dog ready to attack or already attacking you.

There are so many ways someone can protect themselves, their children, other family member, their other pet, another person being attacked. You just have to educate yourself on it and know how to handle a situation like that, if unfortunately you ever happen to come across being attacked.

What are some detrimental effects linked with separating a pup from its mom before 8 weeks?

What are some detrimental effects linked with separating a pup from its mom before 8 weeks?

This can be a long, deep and debatable subject.

I want to clarify that number one..aside from some toy breeds I, personally, see nothing wrong with getting a puppy at 6wks. For me, I prefer 6wks. I feel it is detrimental to a puppy to stay within a litter group beyond 8wk. That is not saying there is anything wrong with a breeder who wishes to keep pups longer (9-10wks) but I would make darn well sure that that said breeder, separated pups and worked with them individually etc. I would REALLY have to trust the breeder in order to get a puppy beyond 8wks old from them.

Ok with that said, I *DO* believe a puppy needs to be with mama and litter for a SOLID 5wks.What I am about to say can even apply to singleton pups as well and not necessarily just applies to hand reared or pups taken from a litter too early. But lets throw the whole bite inhibition thing out the window here as I really don't see this applying as some may argue. So IMO the reasons NOT to take a puppy at 3wks voluntarily is they DO still need mamas milk. They are just starting to wean and in my mind this should not be an overnight process. Mamas milk is still protecting them from things as they are too young to vaccinate. So there is a 3wk window there of putting pups health at risk of life threatening viruses. They also learn to be a DOG. Seriously this is important to a degree. They challenge pecking order, they gain confidence within themselves. Now I ONLY feel this is important for the ages between 3-6wks and 8wks at most. Then it is certainly better to integrate a puppy into a human house with human rules. Pups being left in a litter TOO long can also be very detrimental to overall social development. As this question does not pertain to that I'm not going to bother going into it.

So back on subject. Aside from health the other problems seen with pups removed far to young form there litters is separation anxiety issues and other "nervous" issues and also some may have dominance issues. Either extreme is very common and can also be common amongst singleton pups as well. The reason beings is that people tend to overly coddle and "accept" or pass off, unacceptable behaviors in the very young pup. Puppies are like little sponges and people get fooled by this innocent young face and antics. What they don't realize is that this young pup is soaking in its environment and EVERY action and reaction the pup is learning something from as the puppy is in a very rapid brain development stage. Very few humans are actually knowledgeable enough to understand and know how to treat and teach a pup this young to turn it into a well rounded, well behaved normal dog without issues.

If you want me to go deeper into this feel free to pm me. I know I only braised the subject and I am not as well with words as some other members here are. But this is a subject I am extremely passionate about. I have researched canine development extensively. As far as your theory IMO when it comes to any strong breed idiot breeder+ idiot owner= recipe for disaster. Period. The problem with strong breeds is a young pup tends to become overly dominant due to the idiot owner. Which very well can result in a dog who is a bit full of themselves and takes on leadership...and an owner who thinks the dog is protecting them and loves them o_O

Just wanted to share with you all....?

Just wanted to share with you all....?

thank you for loving animals I wish more people did. I'm at my limit and cannot provide for more. 5 cats, 2 dogs 3cats were rescue and both dogs were rescue.

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