National Tourism Week on May, 2024: Need school advice, should I take travel and tourism?

National Tourism Week 2024. Nacogdoches Convention & Visitors Bureau - Visit Nacogdoches, The ... National Travel and Tourism

Need school advice, should I take travel and tourism?

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The National Geographic employs individuals who are noted as emerging experts in their field. Obtaining a position with National Geographic is competitive and rewarding. One who is interested in such an endeavor is bound to prepare herself with extensive academic, editorial, scientific research and explorative experience; in any of the geographical fields. Below are the avenues one can take to prepare for a career with National Geographic and the steps for applying for employment.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Things You'll Need

A great post-secondary education

Extensive field experience

Passion for disseminating social education projects

Explorative nature

Internet access

Resume and submitted application online

How To Obtain a Career With National Geographic


Post-secondary education is key; most of the positions, even the internships, offered at National Geographic require a college background. Once you get a solid academic foundation, there are more student internship opportunities than actual positions offered.


The National Geographic is located in Washington, D.C., however, an Explorer can work in foreign regions as researchers for the scientific institution. "There are no set requirements for a position as an explorer," says the company's website. "Explorers come to National Geographic through three channels; Explorers-in-Residence, Emerging Explorers and Young Explorers. Explorers get on board 'with a diverse and extensive list of credentials.'"


As for a photojournalist, there is another avenue to take to getting on board with National Geographic, which is freelancing. Freelancers sought by National Geographic usually have at least five years of photojournalism experience and have a "balanced" and "eclectic" vision, according to the company's website. There are several photo books published by National Geographic Society that are listed within the HOW TO APPLY/FAQ link located on the website. There is also a link provided for photography, which "includes photo galleries, photographer bios, photo tips from our pros, wallpapers, screen savers and more."


For a writer, the opportunity to staff at National Geographic Magazine is highly competitive. For writers the HOW TO APPLY/FAQ link reads:

Vacancies on our editorial staff are usually filled by men and women who have had quite a few years of experience in the newspaper or magazine publishing fields. In preparation for such work, many of our writers have made a thorough study of the sciences, journalism, and English, and in some cases know several languages. A solid academic background and a proven record of success in one's chosen field are most important. However, because we cannot know a person's particular talents nor assure employment after a completed course, we do not encourage gearing a career or educational program specifically toward employment by the National Geographic Society.


For all National Geographic employment, an applicant MUST apply through the website. The website specifies that there isn't an email or fax capability when applying for any position. The web portal allows for an applicant to register and store multiple resumes, suitable for various positions.

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The Week of May 12-20 is National Tourism Week...... What ya gonna do?

The Week of May 12-20 is National Tourism Week...... What ya gonna do?

I am going to stay home.Too many cars on the road..

Can you describe the growth and decline of international and domestic tourism in China?

Can you describe the growth and decline of international and domestic tourism in China?

China's tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the national economy and is also one of the industries with a very distinct global competitive edge. The total revenue of China's tourism industry reached USD 67.3 billion in 2002, accounting for 5.44% of the GDP. It dropped, largely due to SARS, to USD 59 billion in 2003. Nevertheless, for areas rich in tourism resources, tourism has become the main source of tax revenue and the key industry for economic development.

Domestic Market: China's domestic tourism market makes up more than 90% of the country's tourism traffic, and contributes more than 70% of total tourism revenue. In 2003, domestic tourists reached 870 million, which is 3.6 times for the same period in 1985. Domestic tourism revenue was USD 41.6 billion. The five-hours-per-week work scheme, begun in 1995, and the long vacation scheme, begun in 1999, not only increased leisure time for the Chinese people, but also promoted changes in lifestyle and modes of expenditure of the people. This has spurred market demand in domestic tourism and led to its prosperity.

Hotel: Driven by the flourishing tourism industry, China's tourist hotel sector is expanding rapidly. At the end of 2003, China had a total of 10,093 tourist hotels and more than 820,000 rooms. 773 of these tourist hotels were foreign-funded. The number of foreign-funded (inclusive of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan investments) four- and five-star tourist hotels made up 26% and 30.02% of the national total, respectively.

Travel Agencies: In 2003, there were a total of 11,522 travel agencies in China, among which, 1,349 were international ones and 10,203 were domestic ones. While overall tourism market concentration rose, there was a drop in the market position of the traditional three key travel

agencies. As competition heightened, China's tourism industry on the whole, had begun to start earning low profits, even while it was expanding its scale of operations.

Tourist Attractions: Currently, there are approximately 15,000 natural, cultural and man-made places of attraction which are above county level. Presently, Hong Kong investors are the main participants in the establishment of tourist attractions in China. In 2001, Sichuan became the first province to propose renting out the operation rights of 10 scenic areas to foreign investors.

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