Work At Home Moms Week on May, 2025: stay @ home mom

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stay @ home mom??

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I feel like this is a very realistic option as a home based buisiness. Not just for us stay at home moms. But for anyone. Just take a look!

Dovebar24 :-)

Any stay at home moms miss work?

Any stay at home moms miss work?

I'm a work at home mom and stay at home mom with a 10 month old and a 4 year old. I don't miss work, but I do go stir crazy and crave adult conversation. I break the monotony by having my mom come over at least twice a week to help me with the kids or at least be my social buddy even if it's taking the kids to the park but at least we get to talk there. We go to my mother-in-laws and sister-in-laws' place about once a week or every other week to visit too. I actually got a girls night out last month and my husband watched the kids. It's not easy, but I'm somehow managing, barely!

Stay at home mom ideas?

Stay at home mom ideas?

"Stay at home" is a misnomer, as is "home-school". I am both a stay at home mother and a home-school teacher, and we do NOT spend the majority of our time at home.

Visit the library and/or bookstore, alone or with your other children. Find books that interest you, whether they are novels, books about how to fix running toilets and leaking sinks or how to crochet, a recipe book, etc. Your children can look for books with favorite characters, books about animals, etc. There are books filled with poems for children and adults alike, arts and crafts ideas, etc. The opportunities are endless.

Those same libraries and/or book stores have story times for young children. Your chldren can get out with other children and you can meet other mothers.

Visit the local parks, museums, etc. We try to go to the park atleast once a week. If the weather is not cooperative, try Chuck E. Cheese or someplace with an indoor play area such as Chic Fil A.

You and/or the children can sign up for classes, such as Gymboree, Kindermusic, and the like. Most offer atleast one free trial class, so you could do a variety of those between now and the baby's arrival to see what they like before investing the money.

Being at home does not mean you have to be bored. Rearrange furniture, paint (perfectly safe, just make sure the room is well ventilated), do some craft projects for your children or with your children. Bake cookies and cakes with them- even yoru 2 year old can help stir, and most fun of all is licking the spoon.

Watch old home movies with the children- th ey will love seeing themselves and old footage of you and their daddy. Picnic on the floor, and/or pop some popcorn.

Since you obviosuly already have child care lined up, you could keep that part time if you wish to and can afford it without your income and get a volunteer position. I volunteer with the Center for Birds of Prey, transporting injured owls, eagles, etc. to our clinic. My children tag along with me, but that is not a possibility with all volunteer positions.

Use the time to get back in touch with family members that you have lost contact with, either through snail mail correspondance or visiting them.

Have back yard adventures as the weather allows- sidewalk chalk, bubbles, hula hoops, jumpropes, balls, frisbees, yo yos, etc. are all available at the dollar store if you do not already have them.

Do spend some time just relaxing. Pregnancy is EXHAUSTING and soon, you will not have the opportunity to just relax once the little one is here. Bubble baths, good books, a cozy blanket are nice.

You will only be bored if you let yourself be.

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