Water Ski Days on June, 2024: How many americans water-ski?

Water Ski Days 2024. Discover Lake City 42nd Annual Waterski Days

How many americans water-ski?

Water-Skiing itself is a sport with competitions and a pro circuit, mainly these are known as Three Event Competitions....consisting of slalom ski, trick ski, and ski jump. I am not aware how fast the sport is growing but it was huge in the 70's 80's and 90's....however now and days Wakeboarding seems to be taking over the local lakes in my area.

Water ski or water trampoline?!?!?

Water ski or water trampoline?!?!?

Water skiing in my opinion would be better. You can do it all day and take turns. The water trampoline would be fun for the first 15 minutes or so but would quickly become boring. The water trampolines are also not as fun as they may seem, the water generally absorbs half of the bounce so you can't get very high. Its fun for wrestling with guys but that's about it!

I’m going skiing next month, do you have any tips?

I'm going skiing next month, do you have any tips?

Well....on multi-day ski trips I try to always have a hotel or condo with a hot tub and/or sauna. A good soak or even just the heat from the sauna will loosen up the tight muscles and will help you be invigorated the next day. If I don't have a hot tub, a good long shower will also help loosen up the stiff muscles.

I eat Ibuprofin as if it was M&Ms on long days. I pop a few before I even start, wash a few more down at lunch, and then drop a few before bedtime.

Water....lots of water. People don't think they get thirsty in the winter and fail to hydrate properly. DRINK! and I don't mean Kamakazis at the bar (although a few of those don't hurt either.) I stay away from the AMP, RedBull, and Gatorade. They have a lot of sugar, but no staying power. Water or a no calorie addative (I'm now using NUUN...great stuff...Thanks for all of the freebies!) and eat something with some fat...nuts, seeds, etc..or an energy bar!

Eat a banana in the morning..or if you feel cramped up during the day.

I always have a pack at big mountains with water and a few energy bars stashed inside so I don't have to go back to the lodge, but I always have lip balm and some hard candy stashed in my pockets wherever I ski.


If you can edge then you can do a hockey stop. Just put more weight and pressure on the uphill ski and you'll stop.

Bend your knees and put pressure on the shins. You should feel the shin pressing against the front of the boot. This helps you drive the ski better.

Stay Square: Keep your head and torso facing downhill and use your abs and lower body to turn.

Stay Balanced: Use both skis to turn. Keep your legs a bit apart, but parallel, and engage both skis when turning. This will help you CARVE!

Keep the tips up and lean back if you are getting into powder.


Dress in layers. NO COTTON. If you get hot and sweat the cotton stays wet and you get cold. If it gets wet from snow or rain...it stays wet and you get cold. Go with synthetics.

Have Fun!

(Apologies for the blatent plug for Nuun)

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