Superman Days on June, 2025: When is superman birth day?

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When is superman birth day?

Superman's (Kal-El's) birthday is Febuary 29th, Leap Day

Clark Kent's Birthday, the day he arrived on Earth, is June 18th


"Superman" by Green Day; lyrics?

"Superman" by Green Day; lyrics?

hey is it superman my Eminem coz i havn't heard any song saying superman my green day....



Time out, please; everybody listen.

Prior to the 'reboot' of the Dc universe in the 80's, Superman could not see through lead at all. Now, he apparently can, but not very well. He could see through thin coatings of lead, but not thick ones. All right.

As a rule of thumb, let's say that any layer of lead that Superman can see through is not thick enough to provide him with sufficient protection from Kryptonite. It's a nice idea, but generally you can't have it both ways in the comic book world. So lead paint is out.

The whole 'lead suit' idea has been used before. Long ago (in the sixties!) Superboy had the idea of having spools of thin lead strips in his belt buckle, in which he could wrap himself at super speed at the first painful touch of K radiation.

He forgot or overlooked that Kryptonite slows him down, makes him weak and sick and dizzy. Also, the lead melted from air friction when he tried to fly at super speed.

He has used thicker lead armor with a TV monitor inside when he knew he was going to have to work with Kryptonite (but, that was in the days when a huge K meteorite landed on Earth every week! Apparently, the space warp that his ship formed when it brought him to Earth also dragged behind it a huge amount of Kryptonite.)

Well, he couldn't use his heat vision, the best long range offensive power that he has, when he was in the lead suit. Also, all criminals that wanted to kill him had to do was to shoot the lead suit with a bazooka-- sorry, rocket propelled grenade-- and presto! no more lead suit! hit him with the Kryptonite, boys!

He could have protected the lead suit by wearing it under his super costume, back in the days when it was indestructible cloth from Krypton, but now that they have eliminated that, that won't work any more.

Fortunately, as some have mentioned, Kryptonite is a lot more rare now than it was in the days of old. So all this is sort of a moot point. But I hope I have clarified things as to what has been tried and what hasn't been tried, and the confuson between the old Pre-Crisis Superman and the Post-Crisis Superman.

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