Relationship Wellness Month on February, 2025: I think I'm in an abusive relationship, PLease Help!! Please be nice.?

February, 2025 is Relationship Wellness Month 2025. February is Relationship Wellness Month on Relationship Wellness.

I think I’m in an abusive relationship, PLease Help!! Please be nice.?

Woa! This is not a healthy relationship and the longer you stay the more damaging it is for your wellness and the harder it is to break away form the relationship. Eventually he's going to be more controlling and there's the possibility that he will start abusing you physically. Do you still have a support network (friends). Do not let go of your friends! Once you let your boyfriend keep you away from your friends you will have no one to help you when you want to leave him. (It starts with your cat, next are your friends, dont let that happen)

If you are afraid of your boyfriend than you are definitely in an abusive relationship. He is emotionally abusing you. Eventually your self esteem will be so low, you'll be brain washed into thinking he loves you and he's the only guy for you. That is not true! A man that loves you will not make you fear him and not make you feel like crap.

Be strong and keep your head high. Tell yourself you are an amazing woman and you do not deserve someone who disrespects you. So what he's nice sometimes, overall he doesn't respect you. You deserve respect. So what you had an escort job, you did what you had to do to support yourself at the time and you got a new job now, sure it's not a career, but a job is a job. If you go back to escorting, what if he finds you? He'll try to get you back and tell you he's changed and you'll be right back where you started. Feeling miserable, unhappy, no cat, and having his family insult you.

I know you find the idea of living him hard. the sooner you leave the relationship, the better off you are. The longer you stay, the more dependent you will be of him, the more miserable you feel, the lower your self esteem will get, and it will suck.

My back is sore after 4 months, why?

My back is sore after 4 months, why?

Here are lower back resources:

Williams Flexion exercises and McKenzie exercises. Here are two links:




Y's Way to a Healthy Back. A very good 6-week progression of exercises. It's used at Amazon for 1 cent plus shipping

way to a healthy back

"The Back Pain Helpbook," by James Moore. Details on stretching, ergonomics and much more (maybe more than you need, but #_

Bob Anderson "Stretching"

The most basic exercises:

-- knee drops: lie on your back, feet on floor, knees up, drop both knees to one side, then the other side. You can also cross one leg over so the foot is resting on the other knee. Then gently pull the knee down to the floor with the foot.

-- knee hugs: lie on back and gently pull knees to chest

-- knee crossover: lie on your back, keep both shoulders on the ground, and pull right knee gently across body with left hand so that it approaches the ground, and then repeat other side. If it hurts, don't do it.

This may be more information than you want or need, and if so, then just do the McKenzie exercises.

I hope this helps.

Optimum Wellness Plan for Puppies?

Optimum Wellness Plan for Puppies?

It is generally worth the cost if it includes neutering him. I don't believe wellness plans include Frontline though. You're right, Vets (like every other business these days) are always looking for ways to increase their income; even if you opt not to get the wellness plan, continue to be aware of what services are necessary and what services are not. By the way, you can buy your puppy's shots at a Feed store and administer them yourself (if you're up to it). Oh, assuming it is available in your state (I'm in California). The only shot we can not give ourselves is Rabies - it must be administered by a licensed vet. I pay about $10 per puppy shot - just tell the feed store which # shot in the puppy series you are on and they will sell you the appropriate shot.

I'm glad to hear you plan to neuter your puppy, this is one of the most important things to do - it will help your pet lead a healthier life in the long run and save you a lot of frustration by eliminating his need to mark his territory with urine (pee all over everything in your house), which leads to a much happier relationship between you and your pet.

Good luck!

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