Pizza Month on October, 2022: Poll: Did u eat pizza this month?

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October, 2022 is Pizza Month 2022. As Seen on the Today Show‎ Best Pizza of the Month Club. Last Minute? Print or Email a Gift Card!

Pizza Month

Although Pizza Month might be considered a great excuse to possess thirty days of back-to-back pizza with the trimmings, it’s most likely not the very best arrange for watching your waistline! Enjoy sensibly, and spend the month sampling various kinds of pizza (moderately)!

Poll: Did u eat pizza this month?

nope. Haven't had pizza since August. Wow that's a long time! lol

Can I eat Frozen Pizza 5 months expired?

Can I eat Frozen Pizza 5 months expired?

Once an item is frozen, it stays fresh indefinitely. So long as there is no freezer burn, and assuming the product has been kept properly frozen, those pizzas will still be good five years from now. It's all too easy for others to tell you to throw away perfectly good food for which they have not paid.

Think about this for a moment: People the world over own huge freezers so that they may buy items in bulk when the prices are good, and freeze them for future use. Does anyone really believe that people who buy in bulk eat nothing but those items until the supply is depleted? Of course not...

Eat the pizzas. They will be just fine.

Feeding my one month old pizza?

Feeding my one month old pizza?

Feeding my one month old pizza?

At what age does a pizza begin to eat ?

what the dickens would you feed a pizza ?

how long will this procedure go on until the pizza can feed itself ?

what is the expected life of a pizza ?

I just simply don't have a clue

as a matter of fact... this has me considerably disturbed

...just to think of all the pizza I've consumed in the last ten years...

This is enough to make a veggie-nut out of someone !!

☼ ////

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