Read an E-Book Week on March, 2023: Book Week - Reading a book a week?

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Reading a book a week?

That's what I do, I try to finish one book per week. Sometimes it takes two weeks, sometimes I'll read two and a half books in one week. But generally, one per week.

I read history and historical biographies, which usually take longer than fiction.

To improve memory, read several books on the same subject. For example, if you read five or six books on the battle of Gettysburg, you will have a good grasp of that topic and should be able to hold your own in any discussion of it.

Good luck!

Can I read these books within a week?

Can I read these books within a week?

Read a page of every book while you record your time doing this. Multiply by the amount of pages each book has and divide by 60. Now you have an approximate amount of hours it will require to read those books.

How many books do you read each week, month, year?

How many books do you read each week, month, year?

When school is in session I read about 5 to 8 books a week, so 20 to 32 books in a month. When school isn't in session I can read about 2 to 4 books a day, so about 14 to 28 books a week....... et cetera. It really bugs my little sister that I can read so fast. :)

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