Youth Leadership Month on February, 2024: Is this National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (NYLFMED) a scam?

February, 2024 is Youth Leadership Month 2024. NYLC: Leadership Training‎ Leadership Training Programs for High School Students. Enroll Today!

Is this National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (NYLF/MED) a scam?

They have a website:

And they are not a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business. But the BBB did give them the grade of A. Check out this website:

Number of complaints processed by the BBB

in the last 36 months: 88

in the last 12 months: 56

Complaints Concerned:

Selling Practices (5 complaints)


Advertising Issues (13 complaints)


Service Issues (20 complaints)


1Delayed Resolution

1Company made every reasonable effort to resolve

Customer Service Issues (1 complaints)


Credit or Billing Disputes (1 complaints)


Delivery Issues (12 complaints)


Refund Practices (13 complaints)


1Delayed Resolution

4Company made every reasonable effort to resolve

Product Quality (15 complaints)


1Company made every reasonable effort to resolve

Contract Disputes (8 complaints)


National Student Leadership Conference....?

National Student Leadership Conference....?

Hi! I received this a few months ago and i also just got another packet yesterday. I've been sent emails before and I looked on the website. This isn't a scam, first off. Here is the website: basically it is a group of a lot of students from around the country who get together and do hands-on things and gain a lot of experience. It is for 10-11 days (depending on the program you choose) in the summer and it is sorta like a camp.

it looks extremely good on your college application. Unfortunately it is very expensive. around $2,500 depending on which program you choose. Here are the programs:

I think you pick the closest college and drive or fly there. It's nice because I live in the DC area and I want to do Education & the Classroom, so it works out. I might not do it because it is really expensive! You can apply for a scholarship, but it is only for those who need it (low income family, can't afford it at all), which isn't me so i can't unfortunately.

I watched the video on the website and it looks interesting and people say they have fun and get a lot of experience.

what is a youth challenge program?

what is a youth challenge program?

The Youth Challenge Program is a program run by the National Guard of the United States whose stated mission is "to intervene in and reclaim the lives of at-risk youth to produce program graduates with the values, skills, education and self-discipline necessary to succeed as adults." The program accepts 16-18 year old male and female high school dropouts who are drug-free and not in trouble with the law. The program lasts for 17½ months. The first 5½ months are part of the quasi-military Residential Phase. The last 12 months are part of the Post-Residential Phase. Most participants will earn their GED by the end of the Residential Phase.

Core Components


Academic excellence (GED/high school diploma attainment)

Life-coping skills

Service to community

Health and hygiene

Job skills training

Leadership/follower ship

Physical training

Participating States and Territories

















New Jersey

New Mexico

North Carolina



Puerto Rico

South Carolina



West Virginia



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