Intergeneration Month on October, 2024: How to reassure a dog. Is it even possible?

October, 2024 is Intergeneration Month 2024. Intergenerational Program‎ National Organization Working to Bring Generations Together

How to reassure a dog... Is it even possible?

finally some one who understands my "dont comfort rule" lol

I know what you mean, my newest dog was very timid when I got him and I didn't want to reinforce this behaviour.. what I did to make him more comfortable with me and being around me, I spent about 2 days on the floor lol being at the dogs level is less threatening and the dog is more likely to investigate you (still with no patting or eye contact) just place a few treats around you and sit watch tv and wait, do this a few times a day and make the dog realise you're not going to hurt it, then eventually you can start patting when he shows signs of being relaxed around you, also yawning (yourself) shows the dog you are calm and relaxed and it is also a sign the dog is relaxing when it yawns and that is when you can praise.

Also once he is comfortable with being around you when feeding keep some of his food with you and every minute or so walk over and place some more food in his bowl, this will then show him that you are not going to steal his food and that when you go near him while eating, only good comes from it (food)

EDIT: you do not need a professional yet, if all else fails and he is still the same way in a month or two then maybe, but I have rehabilitated my fair share of dogs with out any ones help, plenty of research, patients and going with the trail and error method. You will be able to do it on your own, you obviously understand how a dogs mind works, which is the first step and I think you will do just fine :)

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