Sing With Your Child Month on March, 2024: How to singscream metal style?

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How to sing/scream metal style?

Children of Bodom and Amon Amarth have very different vocal styles - it is a miracle that Alexi still has a voice with his technique. I suggest learning using the false chord method.

It takes months and months of practice - just warning you now.

Start aiming for a low mid - think Parkway Drive.

You know that 'angry sigh' noise? Make that. Then draw it out for longer, whilst pushing more air through it. That will deepen the sound and add more distortion. This bit won't make sense for ages, then it will click, but don't try and make the distortion yourself - just let it come from the pressure of your diaphragm pushing. Keep practicing that, and manipulate it until it sounds the way you want it to. Work on changing how smooth the sound is (Amon Amarth is a rough sound, COB is smoother), the pitch of the sound, how hard you push with your diaphragm, and how to avoid that grating noise in your throat. A SCREAM/GROWL COMES FROM YOUR CHEST, NOT YOUR THROAT!!!

I suggest practicing with Cry Of The Blackbirds by Amon Amarth, Sleepwalker by Parkway Drive, and Not The American Average by Asking Alexandria.

If you do it wrong, it will hurt, so when it hurts (and it will initially - you have to discover the correct technique on your own), back off, and when you try again later, try changing what you do so it doesn't hurt. :)

We all like to think that we can tell you how to scream: Truth is, we can't. You have to discover that on your own. What we CAN do is start you off - I hope I've helped.

Good luck!

Does anyone else have singing children?

Does anyone else have singing children?

Some blissful weekend mornings my son (2) wakes up singing Twinkle Twinkle or Baa Baa Black Sheep (which he's been taught at nursery so still acceptable!).

Other mornings he wakes us up by shouting and demending 'dinna' (breakfast).

how can i recondition my voice after years of not singing?

how can i recondition my voice after years of not singing?

I've been there. A lot. I'm either singing a great deal, or not at all. When I don't sing even for a few months, I find it takes a lot to get back to a competent--if different--level. Usually it means I go back to take voice lessons. Honestly, if I sang for a living, or had both time and money, I would never STOP taking lessons in the first place. Singing is very physical. A long distance runner would train for years to run a marathon, then take off for another year lounging about, and then get off his coach and go do the Boston Marathon. The papers would probably have a headline like: "Former runner drops dead five feet from starting line".

You have to keep in "condition". What is your problem is that you aren't even dealing with the same voice. If you last sang as a teen and you aren't a teen NOW, you literally have "new" vocal cords. Your voice isn't worse than it was when you were young. It is different. You need forget about trying to sound like how you used to, or you will only frustrate yourself and potentially ignore a real treasure you haven't even begun to dig up yet.

Find the best and most patient voice teacher you can afford in your area. That's the safest way to explore your new capabilities. Most voice teachers I know teach adults of all ages and levels. My voice teacher actually taught OTHER voice teachers (it's hard to hear yourself when you sing, so even a voice teacher appreciates another trained ear and good honest feedback to keep their own voices in tiptop shape).

It might take months, but you should hear some improvement. You'll actually be quite pleased to hear how good your grownup voice is compared to what you sounded like when you were young.

In the meantime, there are lots of community and church choirs that welcome anyone who wants to sing and is willing to put in the time and commitment to learn, rehearse, and perform the music. If you get more confident of yourself, you can try for groups that require audition, sing in open mic nights, audition for community theatre musicals and talent shows. Even nonprofessionals can find many opportunities to share their love of singing with other singers and an appreciative audience. This I also know from experience!

Tips of how to find a voice teacher and what to look for (I only suggest you find someone LOCAL--these are tips to consider, not a plug for any of these programs)

Other places to look (besides googling "voice lessons", "singing lessons", "voice teachers", "singing teachers" and other similar terms plus the name of your city)

You used to be able to search here, but their website was hacked. It seems to be okay now, but make sure you run any virus check on it---this is a legit organization, but like I said--for some reason someone mucked up their website.

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