Talk About Prescriptions Month on October, 2024: considering clomid, talk some sense into me.?

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considering clomid, talk some sense into me...?

I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my daughter at 15 weeks and was induced the day I turned 16 weeks. Emotionally, it's been a long process but it does it easier.

I know what you're feeling. We begun trying the month after but hubby wasn't 100% into trying. It seemed like he made excuses. My ob/gyn monitored my cycles and had me on clomid. I ovulated on it (though I did even without it) but emotionally I don't think my body was ready for another pregnancy. I was so desperate to have back what I lost and for what should have been that I ignored the fact that I was still grieving and negative pregnancy test didn't help.

There's nothing wrong with taking clomid to assist in pregnancy but if you're not emotionally over your loss, it's not going to work. If you are emotionally ready, it could help increase your odds especially when you take it on days 5-9 (improves egg Quality).

Side effects of clomid--major mood swings/pms like symptoms, poor cm and poor lining issues thought to increase miscarriage risk. Poor lining and cm issues increase with higher dosages and when taken for over 6 months without a rest cycle (cycle without clomid).

I wouldn't beat yourself up with guilt. It's normal to want another and just because you want another now doesn't make you horrible. I feared people thinking I was trying to replace my daughter and felt I had to explain my choice of trying again immediately. I ended up going to a counselor to help cope with the loss. The worst part is that we had been trying for 14 months straight and test determined she was normal (they think the loss was due to a placenta infection). I think I would have coped better if there was a chromosome issue that caused the loss but finding out there wasn't and not knowing exactly what happened just made coping with the WHY so much harder. My counselor said that everyone copes with grief differently. Some try immediately while some never attempt to have another. There is no right or wrong. There is only what feels right for you.

The worst part is the horrible cycle. You do everything right to conceive then get a negative which only adds to the emotions. That was why I decided to go on clomid and have my ob/gyn monitor my egg growth and ovulation. After 14 months of non-stop okps and 13 negative hpt then the loss, I couldn't go through monitoring my cycles anymore. I needed to put that into my doctors hands. I ended up with a cyst for 6 months but did get pregnant 8 months from my miscarriage (had loss in May and got pregnant the following Jan) . I only did 2 months of clomid then was benched due to a cyst it caused. I finally took birth control to get rid of the cyst when it didn't go away on it's own and got pregnant the following month. I just had my doctor do sonograms to monitor egg growth and ovulation (no medication) the month I got pregnant. It's amazing how must stress was taken away when I had my doctor monitoring my cycles and I didn't have to do opk's and have all the worry of wondering if an egg was growing and when I would ovulate. Maybe that is all you need to help get pregnant --having the doctor monitor your ovulation by sonogram (it really made a difference in stress and frustration levels for me) with or without clomid. It also reduces the stress infertility puts on your relationship include the intimate part because you don't have to stress on opk's and timing sex. Your doctor can tell you what day you will ovulate by measuring the size of the follie sac and he'll tell you when you're fertile. The best way to get an ob/gyn to do this is just tell them you need an emotional break from fertility monitoring and need someone to do the monitoring for you. If they know about your loss, they are generally more sympathic to your needs.

I think the fact that your husband isn't preventing pregnancy means he's not 100% into not wanting another so I see nothing wrong with adding your chances by trying clomid.

Is it any cheaper to buy prescriptions in Canada vs US?

Is it any cheaper to buy prescriptions in Canada vs US?

Normally, it is a good deal cheaper in Canada. However, you may need to see a Canadian doctor to get a Canadian prescription.

I mentioned this to a lady a few months ago, and she did it, and emailed me afterwards. Apparently, the doctor visit was not expensive at all ($60?), and with the savings on the drugs, it paid to do it; even including travel costs, within 6 months.

So, worth checking in to at the very least.

Prescription pain pills while breastfeeding?

Prescription pain pills while breastfeeding?

Talk with your doctor or pediatrician in specific to see what they say. I had a c-section and was given vicoden and 800mg motrin while I was nursing(Both c's, breastfed 2 different times). I was told that it was safe to nurse, that not enough medicine would pass through to harm the baby. Plus it is only for a short time. Only take what you need. You can also express milk after pumping and feed the baby pre-pumped and stored milk for a few days if that would make you feel better.

The doctors were very careful with any other medications I was given. I had to have a gastroscopy and was told not to breastfeed for 24-48 hours after that because of the drugs I was given. So make sure to check on the anesthesia that you're given.

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