Raptor Month on October, 2024: How can I rent a Ford F-150 Raptor for 3 Months?

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How can I rent a Ford F-150 Raptor for 3 Months?

That's not happening. You're not old enough to rent on your own and I seriously doubt rental companies keep Raptors (what few there are out here) stashed for kids who are bored...

Besides, not being a bum a$$ loser in life should be enough to motivate you through college.

Ordered a 2012 Ford Raptor about a month ago?

Ordered a 2012 Ford Raptor about a month ago?

It takes about 8 weeks from the time the truck is ordered until the time it actually arrives on the lot. So if the dealer orders it today, it'll indeed be mid-march or early april when the truck is delivered. However I don't think the Extended cab model accounts for only 1% of the production run. It's closer to 35%-40% based on what I've seen.

Also the the model year 2013 models won't go into production until late August or September.

Raptors Offseson: PG situation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Raptors Offseson: PG situation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Very good question man... In the last month of the season I started hearing about the PG situation in Toronto and I also saw lots of discussions and analysis on this situation! First about Bargnani, I don't think he can be traded as of yet and his contract is still quite tight with the raptors... Bryan Colangelo and Sam mitchell both like the guy and they want to invest in him for the future...!

The PG situation however is way more important than anything else for Toronto right now since they need to free up some cap space and have one primary point guard that will lead the team for the most part unlike right now where Jose and TJ split up their court evenly and probably don't get to be at their best because of that...! TJ now wants to play as a starter and Jose has developed into a talented PG that should not be left back on the Bench!!! This will be up for lots of dicussion and the raptors will have to make a decision on who will lead their offence! However as it sounds TJ will be getting traded this off season since jose is not yet on trade block as far as I know and rapz desperately need to look for a trade in order to improve... Rumors are that TJ will be traded for either a big man or a wing player this summer and it's very likely that he'll be involved in a trade with a young team like the Knicks or the Sonics... I also heard that he can possibly be heading to NewYork for David Lee since the rapz need someone like him and the knicks want to rebuild and desperately need a leading PG like TJ...!

Nobody knows yet what's exactly ganna happen but it sounds like TJ is headed somewhere else in the league... I hope this time though the rapz get a worthy player that will contribute to their defence and rebounding power...! We'll see what happens!

Have fun watching...!

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