National Prime Beef Month on September, 2024: Primister julia gillard needs to be praised for the outstanding work done in australia?

September, 2024 is National Prime Beef Month 2024. Tenderloin Filet Mignon‎ The finest cuts of USDA PRIME and Choice aged to perfection!

Primister julia gillard needs to be praised for the outstanding work done in australia?

Firstly, this is a statement of your belief that Julia Gillard needs to be praised for her outstanding work. You then go on to assert that being Prime Minister is about "making hard choices put before one who has to responsibility of making an economy productive ..." OK but apart from what is our opinion where is the question?

Most commentary that I read about Prime Minister Julia Gillard asserts that she has a considerable amount of difficulty in making clear cut decisions. The decisions are said to be politically expedient The Mining Resources Rent Tax was so unpopular that there was advertising against it when Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister. It's unpopularity was a factor in her overthrowing him. She then bought it into law as Prime Minister. She promised not to introduce the Carbon Tax at the last election and then back flipped and bought in to please the Greens.

PM Gillard stopped live cattle exports to Indonesia to appease minority interest groups. This has sent some cattle producers broke. It is another disgraceful and little reported mess that has been forced upon the Australian economy by the Gillard Labor government. It is on sign of their economic inefficiency. When the Minister for Primary Industry Ludwig was in Indonesia he didn't even bother to visit the relevant abattoirs to see if the slaughtering practices that Australian beef producers had been teaching the Indonesians in order that they slaughter stock humanely were being carried out. We are the only county in the world to train Islamic countries in the humane treatment and slaughter of animals. Minister Ludwig's behaviour reflects a lazy minister with poor attitude and a neglect of his duty and is not doing his job.

Then to boat people. Prime Minister Gillard does not seem to be able to find a satisfactory and legal solutions to protecting Australia's borders. All members of parliament have a constitutional responsibility to do this. The first options which suggested in the middle of the 2010 election without consulting East Timor, was that Australia's boat people be housed and processed there. The East Timorese were understandably unimpressed. They have needed Australian Federal Police in the past to maintain law and order and to train their police force. I think that they could do without an influx of a few thousand illegal immigrants onto their island state. That one was discarded soon after the election.

Negotiations with Indonesia about processing boat people there were never going to be successful and two people smugglers that the press could photograph in local bars and who were arrested were released by Indonesian authorities. They are still active and illegal boats are still arriving. Although our AFP are supposed to be working with the Indonesian police on this matter there has not been a good exchange of information under this government and therefore no satisfactory results. The Malaysia solution went the same way under a challenge by a Refuge Advocacy Group from Melbourne to the High Court of Australia. The only other options being Manus Island and Nauru have not been actively pursued.

Recent Articles that assert Julia Gillards indecisive attitude towards government and it's negative effect on the economy

Indigenous Leader and intellectual Noel Pearson has criticised Prime Minister Gillard's lack of decision on policy issues.

Gillard seen as being leader because Labor doen't have any alternative after dumping Rudd for her.

John Howard recons that she is both unpopular and lacks authority - he would though.

Peter Dutton recons that PM Gillard makes Peter Garrett, the bungling Environment Minister under Kevin Rudd look good.

Some people even think that she has spent too much time cuddling President Obama just to get a boost in her opinion poll ratings.

I might add that I have no political party affiliations.


How can I ’age’ certain cuts of meat that I buy?

How can I 'age' certain cuts of meat that I buy?

Dry aged beef is not really difficult to find in high quality butcher stores and top-line steakhouses. But it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find at Supermarket Meat Departments - even the most expensive Supermarket! Because almost ALL large Supermarkets purchase their meat form one of the large national meat producers.

Most national meat producers (and well-known mail-order houses) vacuum pack meat in plastic, then refrigerate it for several days or even weeks. This Cryovac-wrapping is called "wet aging" which produces a tender, soft steak, with little shrinkage - but the flavor is mild - not to say bland.

A dry aged steak is firm, yet tender at the same time, with a nutty, robust, richly beefy flavor - but is very expensive because the dry aging process causes a dramatic loss of weight (as much as 15-20%) due to shrinkage and trimming.

A nationally known butcher named Merle Ellis discovered a technique for dry aging beef at home. Here are the complete directions he offered some years ago for this technique.

Be sure to follow each step carefully, for safety's sake.

1. Only the top grades of beef can be dry aged successfully. Use USDA Prime or USDA Choice - Yield Grade 1 or 2 (the highest quality of Choice) only. These have a thick layer of fat on the outside to protect the meat from spoiling during the aging process.

2. Buy a whole rib-eye or loin strip. [You cannot age individual steaks.] Unwrap it, rinse it well with cold water, and allow it to drain; then pat it very dry with paper towels.

3. Wrap the meat in immaculately clean, large, plain white cotton dish towels and place it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator - which is the coldest spot.

4. Change the towels each day, replacing the moisture-soiled towels with fresh. Continue to change towels as needed for 10 days, to 2 weeks. (See Step #7 for cleaning towels.)

5. After the desired aging time, you're ready to cut off steaks from each end, trim as desired, and allow the rest to continue to age in the refrigerator.

6. If, after 21 days, you have not eaten all the meat, cut the remaining piece into steaks, wrap each steak in freezer-proof, heavy-duty plastic wrap, and freeze. The steaks will keep for several months in the freezer.

7. To clean the towels for re-use, soak the soiled towels, immediately upon removing them from the meat, in cold water overnight. Next, soak them in cold, salted water for 2-3 hours to remove any blood stains. Then launder as usual. [In olden days, butchers used to cover sides of beef with cotton "shrouds" during the aging process - this is essentially the same thing.]

What do Danish People love to eat? Please Help!! :D?

What do Danish People love to eat? Please Help!! :D?

As old dirty bingo caller suggests.. Make something American. She probably just had what you were planning on making for dinner the night before and it is probably better than what you could make.

Make your favorite dish.

But ....

They like meatballs and cabbage.

If you want to make something similar to what is their national dish.....

I would suggest that you make meatballs by taking one onion per pound of meat. Make it a mixture of beef, pork and lamb if you can. or just beef. Grate the onion and add that to the meat in a big bowl. Use some salt and pepper and some water and mush the mixture until it is a paste like consistency and then form meatballs. Put in fridge to firm a bit and then either bake or fry. You could even make lots of extras and partially cook them and freeze them for later use.

Then I would make some Lipton Butter and herb noodles and a great salad of romaine, pecans, pears, bleu cheese, baby field greens.

But why not serve her Fried chicken , mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and Apple or Cherry pie with ice cream for dessert?

Or even REAL American hamburgers cooked on the grill with home made french fries and onion rings!

Or Roasted Prime Rib and new potatoes with brussel sprouts cooked with green grapes?

Have a warm cooked custard over cold canned peaches

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