National Polka Weekend on May, 2025: tour de france,what does the different color jerseys stand for,i.e.yellow, checker,etc.?

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tour de france,what does the different color jerseys stand for,i.e.yellow, checker,etc.?

The overall leader wears the yellow jersey called the maillot jaune. He is considered the overall time leader.

Then there are the points competition jerseys.

The maillot vert (green jersey) is for the overall leader in the sprint competition. These points are awarded for the placing of the individuals as they cross the painted lines throughout the race stage as well as the finish line.

The maillot à pois rouges (polka dot jersey) is worn by the King of the mountains. At the top of each climb in the Tour, there are points for the riders who are first over the top. The climbs are divided into categories from 1 (most difficult) to 4 (least difficult) based on their difficulty, based on their steepness and length.

The maillot blanc (white jersey) is like the yellow jersey, but only open for young riders who are less than 25 years old on January 1 of the year the Tour is ridden. The award goes to the most combative rider of the previous stage.

As in all road races, current national road race champions can wear their national jerseys in "ordinary stages"; the current world champion can wear the rainbow jersey. National time-trial champions are allowed to wear their national jerseys in time-trial stages only. National championships are held the weekend before the tour starts, and many of the tour favorites and team leaders do not compete in them.

Hope this helps. Enjoy the Tour de France!

When you where growing up...?

When you where growing up...?

As a child, I heard a lot of "big Band" sound, and Frankie Sinatra, That sort of music. Mitch Miller Band, show tunes. That is what my parents listened to. My relatives listened to the Polish station since they are all Polish! And at any big party, like weddings, and church parties, there were always live bands, doing polka music! (OH how much fun that was)

I sure got into the music of the 50's- and quickly, the "alternative" music. There was a radio show, "Ron Britian's Underground Circus"...and this quite wonderful, for one brief shining moment in radio time- a GOOD radio station in Chicago- WXRT. They would play ANYTHING. All alternative at that time. Soft-spoken quiet DJ's. It was quite wonderful.

I remember buying records like Herman's Hermits...when very young. James Gang, Spirit, Paul Revere and the Raiders, there are hundreds and hundreds of them....Cream, Small Faces, Janis Joplin, Mountain, SO many besides the Beatles and the Stones....

My entire week during all of my high school was too focused on earning money after school for the weekends! Even in 8th grade- we would tell our parents lies as to where we were going and get downtown Chicago to the Aragon Ballroom or Kinetic Playground or "the Stadium" to see bands!

The local colleges too always had bands on the weekends. It was truly Music Paradise. Blues! Rock! Anything you could think of. There was always so much fun and so much music. For cheap, too. and NO seats in most of these spots- it was like a GIGANTIC party all the time. You just danced and danced out of your mind. NO bouncers at the doors.. there was a time you even brought in your bottles of wine in your satchel. I kid you not. And all the pot was free too- everywhere you went, joints were just passed around freely.

I was hooked on Alt Rock ever since. There is still SO much wonderful music out there- and it is ever -evolving. That is what makes Music SO good. I do not understand my husband, who, if he listens to music at all anymore- will stick in his old moldy stuff... Yes, I still think Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin are awesome... but my gosh! Such wonderful new things all the time!

RIght now, I am loving on "the National" and The Arcade Fire, Glasvegas, Modest Mouse, Gospel Gossip, the Red Pens, Gogol Bordello... Big Pink, Giant Sand, Okkerville River, Wilco.. my goodness just hundreds, no thousands... of bands out there and all so fresh and good.

Ya... in my quiet moments, I listen to real Gospel and things like Enya and Lorreena McKennit, etc..but alt music was my first true love. As I grew old, I have gone down from over- harsh stuff- like I don't like the "cookie-monster" screaming metal stuff some of my sons like (like Breaking Benjamin an such) but there is SO much good music out there if one looks for it.

NO public radios lately play much good stuff. Still have to seek out the college stations for fresh things.

Holidays also on this date Thursday, May 1, 2025...