Brain Injury Awareness Day 2019 is on Thursday, March 21, 2019: Traumatic brain injury!?

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Traumatic brain injury!?

Because of the time lapse from the time of your concussion till now, you are dealing with what they call post concussive syndrome. They can only treat the symptoms on this.

You need to be treated by a neurologist.

And as my family says to me - quit doing that!!!

You didn't tell us why, and it certainly doesn't sound like a normal thing to do - but do me a favor and don't do it anymore.

I know how it feels when you think you should be better and you aren't, you tend to get panicky and over analyze things.

I responded on your other post. The diagnosis was correct. You are just dealing with ongoing symptoms.

Please be careful with your head. I suffer symptoms 5 years after the fact. In the beginning I had to relearn how to get dressed. Mine too was diagnosed as a mild traumatic brain injury.

Take care of yourself - no more self induced shaken baby syndrome - you are too old for that:)

Good luck to you.


To reply to your question... everybody's brain is different, therefore everyone who gets a brain injury's symptoms will be different. There is no way that any two person's will experience exactly the same thing. That being said there are many similarities in the population that doctor's can say yep people who suffer brain injuries to this section of the brain will do XYZ. I do not live in the UK. I live in the good old USA. So with the socialized medicine in the UK I have no idea what type of treatment you would receive there or how quickly you would receive treatment. I do know that Chinese medicine is different in a lot of ways. Since I have been known to use a lot of homeopathic remedies etc. I am not a person who says it has to be a normal Western drug or procedure to help. So, I don't know that I could judge that part. I know that acupuncture helps some and not others.

However, the issues you are dealing with are stemming from your brain not your spine. So it would seem that the healing of the problem would need to start there too. That does not mean you could not get symptom relief from acupuncture, nor does it mean that their theories about it are incorrect. It just means that I have no experience with it and I am looking it at it from a Western perspective.

In the first month or so I was traumatized that there was no way I could be in a crowd. So I don't know how I would have dealt with trying to learn. To this day I can try to look at a page that has legalese (which previously wouldn't have been a problem) and I can not read or comprehend it. I spent the first 3 months in a dark room with round the clock headaches and migraines. I forgot all habitual things like hygiene routines and dressing routines. For days I could not remember that 8 + 5 = 13. I redid that problem so many times it wasn't funny.

But my experience is really irrelevant to your recovery. What is important to you is what areas of the brain where damaged. There are several good books by Dr. Daniel Amen that I would recommend for you or for someone who can help you. One is called Making a Good Brain Great: The Amen Clinic Program for Achieving and Sustaining Optimal Mental Performance and the other is called Magnificent Mind at Any Age: Natural Ways to Unleash Your Brain's Maximum Potential. These books are not written in medical terms but in layman's terms and they are easy to read.

One of them has a section in it where you can take a self-evaluation. It will help you understand what areas of your brain were effected and what types of things you can do to make it better. I took the evaluation and it helped me understand why I was having certain symptoms. My daughter read it and in areas of the brain where I was effected, she said "Hey, That's you Mom!!!"

What I learned was that I had indeed suffered a whiplash effect in my brain even though I just fell and hit my head on concrete stairs(with steel coping on them.) Not only did I suffer symptoms in the executive functioning section of the brain, the part that makes decisions, does math etc., but also the limbic section (controls emotions), and the section at the back base of your brain that controls sensitivity to light sound and other things. These books might be something for a little later on.

You will or if you are incapable of making a decision (I had that problem after the accident as well. I had to hire some one to teach me how to make a decision!!!) someone else will need to decide whether or not it makes sense for you to continue your education at the moment, or whether you need to take a break and work on recovery. At the beginning I couldn't even think for 30 minutes while talking without needing to go to sleep.

So perhaps you need to talk to someone (a close friend who knows you and your capabilities from before your injury - or a wise respected family member) to help you make some decisions about your treatment.

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Traumatic brain injury recovery, pls answer?

Traumatic brain injury recovery, pls answer?

Recovery from a traumatic brain injury, especially one severe enough to cause a coma usually takes a very long time and can vary dramatically from one person to the next. Frustration and anger are common behaviors of this recovery process as the person is regaining consciousness. These behaviors can sometimes continue as the person gains awareness of his or her loss of function which can lead to frustration, depression, anxiety, anger, etc. The hospital, rehabilitation program or care facility should be able to give you advice on how to respond to these behaviors. You can also contact your local or state brain injury association for advice, resources, materials and support.

I hope this helps.

Craig Persel, Centre for Neuro Skills

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What do all the awareness ribbons represent?


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I would recommend checking out the page. There are many color variations, too.

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