Puppy Day 2019 is on Thursday, March 21, 2019: Do you remember your puppy love days ?

Thursday, March 21, 2019 is Puppy Day 2019. It's 'National Puppy Day' so Happy Puppy Day Friends!! - For the ... but since it's puppy day…

Puppy Day

Puppy Day commemorates the delight that puppies could bring to our houses and lives, however is a terrific possibility to embrace an orphan or underprivileged dog and to provide them home, a caring moms and dad, and a chance at a happy life.

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Do you remember your puppy love days ?

Puppy love days ... ah yes ... so nice and sadly gone forever ...but now there are the doggy love days but I do miss the puppy love. ;-)

does anyone know who sings clifford puppy days theme song??

does anyone know who sings clifford puppy days theme song??

Mike Clifford -Puppy Days

One puppy two Puppy on a Bed

The littlest one has fur that's red

I'm kind of new

So I'll stick with you

I like new places

Seeing lots of new faces

And before this day's through

We'll make good friends like you

Three puppy four puppy five puppy six

Clifford is up to brand new tricks

I might be small

But I'm on the ball

I might be little

I might get stuck in the middle

But there's one thing we know

Love makes little things grow

Yea,love makes little things grow

EDIT: Sorry- I left this out...

Music by Jared Faber

Theme song by- Jared and Emily Kapnek

Lead Vocals- Freedom Bremner

Averge Day With a Puppy?

Averge Day With a Puppy?

I have a Beagle that I got when she was about 10 weeks old or so. At that age they can't hold their bladders too well, so you will have to wake up a couple times per night to let them outside. From there it was constant attention. We would play for 20 minutes, then she would sleep for awhile, then play for 20 minutes, then sleep. She would cuddle up on my chest and hide under the blankets, then wake up. Somewhere in there she would eat, 3 times per day as a puppy until they are 1 years old, then cut it down to maybe twice per day, with a majority of the food intake during the morning.

Now she's about 1 and a half. Her schedule is this:

Wake up to get out of her crate to go pee. If we let her sleep in the bed with us, she will generally not ask to go potty (usually between 3 and 4 a.m.), but she likes to sleep under the covers... but then she gets too hot, so she crawls out, then gets too cold again and crawls back under.

If I take her to work I have to wake her ass up and she can get a bit cranky. I get her up around 7 a.m. On weekends she returns the favor and wakes me up at 7 a.m. to go take her out for a quick walk.

Then when we get to work, she runs inside to make sure everything is safe and nothing out of the ordinary, then runs back to the door so she can go potty. On the weekends, she might go back to sleep for a little while or bug me to play with her, which is pretty much biting me, scratching me and begging for treats.

At 9:15 my co-worker comes in with her dog who is a year older but is pretty docile. They play for a few minutes then it goes to sleep, while my pup begs for more food, treats and attention. At home, after we play awhile or go out on a second walk, she will be pretty tired. I'm good at knowing how to tire her out, just run around the block or have her sprint down the street with a long walk and she'll be an angel the rest of the day until maybe 5 or 6. Then she gets energy, plays for a few minutes and will then calm down again, usually wanting dinner at this time. Then she will be fine until we go to sleep. If she has any pent up energy she will run throughout the house, jump on the couch, bark, run back to the bedroom up on the bed, bark, then run back and forth like that. It's funny. Sometimes she chases me or I have to chase her to do it.

If she had it her way she would be outside all day, but I don't have a backyard. I enrolled her in several training classes, the current one is on saturdays where we get together and do agility training with other dogs. When she does that, she's dead tired for the rest of the weekend.

It's hard to tell how any dog will act when it's around an energetic dog, especially a larger one like a doberman. All dogs are different. My dog can't play with larger dogs, she doesn't know how to play correctly, she gets scared if they chase her... but other dogs her size, she will ignore them if they aren't playful. If they want to play, then she's up for a game of chasing and running around and wrestling. 99% of the time, however, she's content on just roaming around sniffing EVERYTHING and digging holes, barking at the hole and giving up.

If we are at home (on rainy days) I will give her a raw hide treat that will keep her occupied for a little while. She eats 80% of it, then finds odd places to hide the other 20%. I have little bits of raw hide everywhere. In blankets, under cushions, in dirty clothes pile, under the couch and bed, sometimes in plain site just off in a corner someplace. Then other times she tries to bury them under me. She'll stuff it under my leg or something, try to bury it with the carpet, which is impossible, but she's determined to get it buried.

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