Memory Day 2019 is on Thursday, March 21, 2019: Do cats lose their memory after days ?

Thursday, March 21, 2019 is Memory Day 2019. Memorial Day - National Harbor Event: Memorial Day; Date: May

Memory Day

Uh ... just what day is it again? Oh yes, that's right-- Memory Day! Celebrate the impressive gift of your memory-- prior to you forget and the day is over!

Why not try one of those on the internet brain games to check your memory capabilities? Or develop your very own examination at work-- cover your eyes and attempt to remember all the things on your colleague's workdesk? Or just what about attempting to remember the lines from your favored TV show's signature tune from back when you were a kid?

On a more serious note, all of us understand exactly how damaging Alzheimer's condition and other kinds of dementia are to both its victims and their loved ones. Why not mark this day in a significant means by supporting one of the wonderful charities that help in these locations? Or go adventure someone you know that is impacted. They may not remember it, yet you will certainly-- and your globe will be a little much better for it.

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Do cats lose their memory after days ?

Could it be the effect of his health. Maybe he is hurting somewhere? Health problems can be distracting. I hope your cat feels better very soon. I don't think they lose memory. Esp if it's something that is done repetitively.

Will computers one day run off 100% cache memory?

Will computers one day run off 100% cache memory?

Funnily enough, they once did that already (I think HP did it back in the early nineties) and the motherboard was covered in ram chips that provided ram, hard drive memory (there was no hard drive, the memory of the chips held the data) and video ram. It was really slow and could barely motivate itself to run efficently. I suppose it was before its time. I think that each chip held about 8mb of memory and there were about 16 of them on the motherboard and each were about one inch long and half inch width and 1/4 inch height. The case was about two foot square and eight inches high.

The allocation was 4 mb for ram, 110 mb for hard drive space, and 4 mb for video ram and any remaining was for caching, or there abouts.

It was very heavy, bulky, and difficult to put anywhere, space-wise. Not many sold as the purchase price was about $4000 without the operating system or software.

Nowadays, iit does not seem that far fetched to do the same sort of thing but on a much wider scale. The main problems were that if a chip overheated or became faulty, the whole motherboard had to be replaced as the chips could not be removed nor replaced.

If we get to that stage of technology (for computers, phones already are in that stage), there would have to be allowances for upgrades, and replacements of chips.

Video cards of yesteryear did have brackets on the video cards where you could add or remove the video ram but you needed a special tool, like a caliper to remove the chips.

Mothers day memory?

Mothers day memory?

my favorite memory of my mother:

when i was 16 i had my heart shattered. i stayed in my room for 3 days crying my eyes out playing a record called "turn around, look at me". on the 3rd day, my mother picked the lock on my bedroom door walked over to my record player crying herself and broke that record into little pieces.

when i became a mom, i realized how heartbroken you become when your kids are hurting.

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