International Day of Forests and The Tree 2019 is on Thursday, March 21, 2019: Does anybody care? Today is international debt day.?

Thursday, March 21, 2019 is International Day of Forests and The Tree 2019. International Day of Forests 2013 International Day of Forests

Does anybody care? Today is international debt day.?

The BBC IS NOT an independent news medium, it is the British Broadcasting Corporation. IT is not bias free, language, cultural medium and meaning of political centrisism differs from place to place, the only true neutral is your state perspective, and that is not necisarily neutral to an outer culture. It wouldn't be news if the value of the event didn't exist for that cultural perspective.

The BBC is a british public corporation and IS NOT nuetral, I suppose you think the Queen of England is neutral too?

Part of the issue is we don't die right away from r-p'n the planet.

Plant some trees, buy a forest and manage it, and don't use technology, grow your own food or die.

Except for what went to space, it is all still here--- it is just what form it is in.

I strongly support sustaining green technologies and enviornmental management.

Part of the issue is that most land is "owned" or claimed by interests that will kill you to stop you from using it, even to "heal

the land"

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I’d like a good Forest oriented documentary suggestion.?

I'd like a good Forest oriented documentary suggestion.?

FinnLinks - Finland & Finns CategoryPaintings are oriented towards teaching children about art. .... Real Audio documentary and written transcript. ... Written for Virtual Finland by Aarne Reunala, Director Finnish Forest Research Institute, Helsinki Research Centre. ... - Cached - Similar -

Docs That Inspire... Leena Pasanen (Finland/Denmark) and Ilda Santiago (Brazil) .... Meet the Directors of the 2008 Sundance Documentary Competition Films .... Palestinian teenagers who have been hiding in the forest outside the Israeli town of Modi'in. ..... What does solutions-oriented media look like? interviews with visionaries ... - Cached - Similar -

[PDF] Finnish StudiesFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

29 Oct 2006 ... by Canadian Friends of Finland Education Foundation ... oriented films: “The People of Sointula”, “Til- ... Side of History" is a 13-part documentary series ... “Journey into the Finnish Forest” ... - Similar -

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Forests are essential for life on Earth. They give us shade and shelter, refuge and refreshment, clean air and water. Today, with a growing global population and subsequent demand for forest products, the forests of the world are at risk from widespread deforestation and degradation.

Ancient forests are in crisis throughout the world. Home to millions and a haven for nature's diversity of plants and animals, the last remnants of un-touched forest are facing extinction.

Healthy, mature, and abundant forests are critical to a balanced environment. When there are an inadequate number of forests, the environment is slower to repair the damage done over time. Abundant forests are essential to a healthy carbon cycle. Burning coal, oil or even breathing creates carbon dioxide. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, fixing it in the wood fiber, while releasing fresh oxygen into the air.

A healthy, mature oak tree produces enough oxygen for four people. Trees are also the most effective erosion control mechanism on earth. A extensive root structure will protect the soil from water or wind erosion better than any man made substitute.

Look around in the links below (sources) for more info on how important the forests and wilderness is:

Ancient forests maintain the balance of life on Earth. They house around two-thirds of the world's land-based species of plants and animals. The remaining tracts of forests influence day-to-day weather and they also help keep the climate stable over time by storing massive amounts of carbon. Logging and burning forests releases that carbon to the atmosphere and creates global warming and climate change.

Major international climate negotiations will decide whether we can keep global warming at less that 2ºC average temperature rise, the safe level recommended by the United Nations. To do this, we have to stop deforestation right now.

Forests are vital for all of us

In addition to storing carbon, forests are essential for biodiversity, which scientists say will help us adapt to climate change in the future by supplying such essentials as water, food and medicine.

We have had some important wins over the last ten years:

* The Brazilian Amazon is benefitting from timber certification and a moratorium on soya crops that are grown in deforested areas.

* The Canadian Great Bear rainforest was protected in 2009 after decade long campaign by Greenpeace, Sierra Club and ForestEthics - a tract of forest the size of Belgium.

But there is a long way to go. To protect the climate and to preserve magnificent ancient forest for future generations we to end deforestation totally by 2015.

Take a look at these websites for more information on the gravity of deforestation:

Deforestation Stats:

Deforestation Severity:

Deforestation Facts:

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