Bingo's Birthday Month on December, 2024: Do you know December is Bingo's BirThday monTh?

December, 2024 is Bingo's Birthday Month 2024. New @ MPL: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year December: Bingo's Birthday

Do you know December is Bingo’s BirThday monTh?

OMG I love Bingo.. wish I could play now. Dang the last time I played was in a little bar somewhere UP north.. Old man and I parked behind their bar where we were to deliver the next day.. We walked in had a couple of beers and played bingo. Ahh so much fun .. I think they were raising money for something or other.. We played 4 or 5 rounds but didnt win.. But I sure did have fun..Wish I could remember where.I will ask him..Thanks that brought back memories.

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