Tie Month on December, 2022: short frenulum -- tongue tied 2 months?

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December, 2022 is Tie Month 2022. Tie of the Month Program - For You or As Gift. Various Styles‎ A New Tie Every Month for a Year!

Tie Month

The current tie came into being within the 17th century being an evolution from the common cloth necktie. Tie Month remembers how integral the tie is becoming to formal attire, the numerous types of tie and also the occasions where ties are worn.

short frenulum -- tongue tied 2 months?

My son is 7 weeks old and breastfeed he WAS tongue tied up until last week I got an infection from breastfeeding and my supply went down for a couple of days so my son had to try harder to suck and he somehow managed to rip it off himself from being so frustrated and trying to suck harder. The Dr. told me the same thing not to worry about it and she would monitor it he hasn't been back to the Dr. yet for me to show her his tongue tie that he somehow managed to untie himself. I researched it too and I would take your Dr.s advice just to monitor it and If it does become a problem when she starts to talk she can have the procedure done then. Is your daughter gaining wait properly?? I read that one complication is that the baby is not able to suck properly thus she cannot eat and will not gain weight properly. If her weight gain is normal I would not worry. Good luck

I had my tubes tied 7 months ago, and now i am late...?

I had my tubes tied 7 months ago, and now i am late...?

Before I had my tubed tied, my period was on time. Since, my period comes at different times a month. It also lasts 1 week sometimes, 1 1/2 weeks sometimes, and 3 days sometimes. Every once in a blue moon I miss a month altogether. Believe me, I can't get pregnant, though. My husband had a vasectomy long before he even met me (second marriage). So your period messes up sometimes after a tubal. Take it from someone that has had one. Oh yea. I forgot to mention something. I got my tubes tied 12 years ago and have been going through this the whole 12 years.

3 month old tounge tied..?

3 month old tounge tied..?

Getting it clipped will help her latch, and depending on how tightly tied it is , it will cure any speech impediments that can be caused by it as well. All 3 of my kids were tongue tied, and with 2 of them they clipped their tongues before they were a week old, and that immediately cured all their latching problems. With my youngest I was in the hospital and couldn't have it done before she was a week old, she ended up seeing a specialist, and he said because she nursed ok, we could wait until she was a year old and see if it effected her speech to make the decision. They did also tell us that if it started to cause a problem feeding that we would have to have it done, because they can have the same problem with a bottle that they do with the breast. If it is causing a lot of problems, and if she is losing weight, I would have it done. Don't give up on breastfeeding, it is the best thing you can do for her right now.

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