Universal Human Rights Month on December, 2024: How come universal Healthcare is considered a basic human right?

December, 2024 is Universal Human Rights Month 2024. Universal Human Rights NGO Monitor works to reset the moral compass of HR organisations

How come universal Healthcare is considered a basic human right?

So cancer can be prevented by eating right? Did you tell the World Health Organization about this?

Universal Health Care should be a right because no one should be denied health care. The rich do not deserve better care while the poor deserve to die. Just take a look at the majority of industrialized Western societies, they have universal health care, and they are not going bankrupt, they are not thinking about overturning their healthcare laws. Conservative Saint Lady Thatcher praised her countries universal health care system, while Tea Party Queen Sarah Palin has the nerve to come to Canada and suggest that they open it open to competition, so people can be denied for pre-exsiting conditions? So the poor can be denied service and there is more health care for the rich. Step away from the kool-aid my friend.

Safeguarding human rights or Imposing Western values?

Safeguarding human rights or Imposing Western values?

the idea of universal human rights was developed at the UN and spear-headed by eleanor roosevelt.

the idea of security and rights to justice are universal. calling them western values can also be demeaning to other cultures--they too often share the same values. sometimes, ppl share these values but their governments do not. (many ppl fight against their government's human rights violations, either peacefully or not)

the idea of punishing a victim would receive scorn the world over. the idea of using physical punishment is controversial - i'm sure there are differences of opinion, but i would bet most ppl would rather see imprisonment & fines imposed instead of physical punishment (it would be interesting to see if any polls/surveys have been done on this).

i've been to the middle east and have friends of middle eastern decent. many are outraged by what happens but feel unable to do anything about it.

for a good book to read to see how impotent these countries can make women feel, read The Princess Trilogies, written by a Saudi princess in exile. you'l realize that many women are outraged but feel frustrated at trying to make changes.

about human rights canada?

about human rights canada?

In 1982, the Federal Government modified Canada’s Constitution in order to better reflect the human rights goals and standards set by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Government enacted a statute known as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

If a person has reason to believe that he or she has been discriminated against, he or she may file a complaint with the Human Rights and Citizenship Commission. A complaint form may be obtained from the Commission, and there is no fee for filing a complaint. Also, an optional letter explaining the circumstances may be attached. The letter and all attachments must be signed and dated by the complainant. All information must be served on the respondent against whom the violation is alleged. The respondent then has 21 days to file a response to the allegations. The response must be shared with the Commission and the complainant.

A complainant must describe each incident of alleged discrimination, with reference to the areas and grounds listed above. Information concerning what the complaint is about, why the complainant believes he or she was discriminated against, how he or she was treated differently than others, who did the discriminating, the date(s) and place(s) where the discrimination occurred, and any other action (if any) that has been taken regarding the situation.

A complaint must be made, or confidential advice from the Alberta Human Rights and Multiculturalism Commission must be sought, within 12 months of any alleged violation of the Alberta Human Rights, Citizenship, and Multiculturalism Act.

Any person who makes a complaint under this Act that is vexatious or frivolous does so in strict contravention of the Act, and is liable for fines or other penalties to be imposed by the Commission.

Any retaliation against any person involved with making a complaint, conducting an investigation, giving evidence, or carrying out the settlement imposed by the Commission or Human Rights Panel is a contravention of the Act and may be the subject of prosecution under the Act.

Complainants do not require a lawyer to act for them, but one may be obtained at any stage of the proceedings. If someone chooses to use a lawyer, he or she will be required to pay their fees, but there are some organizations that may represent a complainant at no cost.

Appeals can be made to the Chief Commissioner in writing within 30 days. If the Chief Commissioner decides that the investigation should not have been discontinued, it is then referred to a Human Rights Panel. If the Chief Commissioner agrees to dismiss or discontinue the complaint, that decision is final and binding. The Court of Queen’s Bench will review the process giving rise to the decision, but only if one is requested within 6 months.

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