Human Rights Month on December, 2024: What`s your idea about human rights?

December, 2024 is Human Rights Month 2024. Human Rights Watch We investigate human rights crises around the world. Learn the facts.

Human Rights Month

Human privileges would be the fundamental privileges which each and every living individual is titled to, and therefore are regarded as universal privileges or laws and regulations no matter age, gender, ethnicity, country or time. Human Rights Month encourages greater understanding of human privileges, and encourages the ongoing struggle to make sure that people have use of life’s basic necessities.

What`s your idea about human rights?

Human Rights - upholding of these is what makes us a civilised human instaed of a wild beast

RISALE-E HUQOOQ - The Testament of Rights

This extremely valuable treatise was from Imam Zain al-Abideen, the great-grandson and spiritual heir of the Blessed One SAW. This epistle describes the rights of man in society. It accounts for over fifty circumstance by which the believer is obligated to observe the rights of others. To mention just a few, it starts with:

-the rights of man toward Allah,

-the rights of prayers,

-the rights of self and the rights of the parts of one's own body.

It goes on to enlist:

-The rights of women towards men,

-the rights of men toward women.

It reminds one towards:

-The rights of children to their parents and elders,

-the rights of parents and elders to their children.


-The rights of students towards their teachers,

-the rights of the teachers towards their students.


-The rights of neighbors,

-the rights of friends

-the rights of adversaries and foes!

It is evident that this epistle contains such wealth of ethical conduct that if followed, it would make any ordinary human being into a saint. Even if one does not aspire to become a saint, it would certainly foster tolerance and harinony with the self and the society.

Islam has such spiritual gems, if only Muslims stopped acting on sectarian lines and started drinking from the fountain of spiritual knowledge.

In a secular setting, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that was adopted and proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10, 1948, is an example of progressive achievement of the human race. It is a shame that Muslims were unable to build upon the spiritual teachings of Islam...

Until that day, that we Muslims come forward and unequivocally denounce and condemn the butchering and spillage of pure blood on the 10th of Muharram, the looting of the women form the family of the Blessed Prophet SAW...until that time we have NO MORAL BASIS to complain to the world if our rights are being trampled upon...what was the crime of the six-month old babe..with the parched mouth and many defenders of Yazid and so few for the grandson of the Blessed Prophet SAW...where the Muslim moral conciousness

“Insaan ko bedaar to ho lene do,

har qaum pukaraygi hamare hain Hussain”

---- Josh Malihabadi

Let humanity awaken from its slumber

every tribe will proclaim Hussain as their own.

What is your understanding of human rights?

What is your understanding of human rights?

Did you know that Mentally Retarded Citizens have Human Rights as well? I have worked with population for 12 years. Once a month we go over these rights with them in school just to be sure they understand and are not to be taken advantage of nor compromised as individuals.

1. The mentally retarded person has, to the maximum degree of feasibility, the same rights as other human beings.

2. The mentally retarded person has a right to proper medical care and physical therapy and to such education, training, rehabilitation and guidance as will enable him to develop his ability and maximum potential.

3. The mentally retarded person has a right to economic security and to a decent standard of living. He has a right to perform productive work or to engage in any other meaningful occupation to the fullest possible extent of his capabilities.

4. Whenever possible, the mentally retarded person should live with his own family or with foster parents and participate in different forms of community life. The family with which he lives should receive assistance. If care in an institution becomes necessary, it should be provided in surroundings and other circumstances as close as possible to those of normal life.

5. The mentally retarded person has a right to a qualified guardian when this is required to protect his personal well-being and interests.

6. The mentally retarded person has a right to protection from exploitation, abuse and degrading treatment. If prosecuted for any offence, he shall have a right to due process of law with full recognition being given to his degree of mental responsibility.

7. Whenever mentally retarded persons are unable, because of the severity of their handicap, to exercise all their rights in a meaningful way or it should become necessary to restrict or deny some or all of these rights, the procedure used for that restriction or denial of rights must contain proper legal safeguards against every form of abuse. This procedure must be based on an evaluation of the social capability of the mentally retarded person by qualified experts and must be subject to periodic review and to the right of appeal to higher authorities.

Human Rights?

Human Rights?

This topic makes my head want to explode!! There is not enough duct tape in the world to hold it together!

Our prisoners should have nearly every right stripped from them. They should get food , a bed, and let them clean themselves. THAT IS IT! Make prison so bad they never want to go back there. As it is now, why wouldn’t a homeless person commit a crime on an extremely cold night, just to get a warm bed, 3 meals, cable TV, showers, etc… for a few nights / months / years all at our expense!

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