Take a New Year's Resolution to Stop Smoking on December, 2024: What are good New Year's resolutions?

December, 2024 is Take a New Year's Resolution to Stop Smoking 2024. How To Help Stop Smoking Free Help to Quit and Tips to Stay Smoke-free. Contact CDC.

What are good New Year’s resolutions?

mine are going to be along the lines of...

stop swearing

be nicer to people

attempt to get along with my parents better

be more patient

and enjoy life more, and not stress so much over school

New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions?

I didn't make any, I find this time of year so difficult because of the short daylight hours and every time I've made one in the past I have failed! I did give up smoking in spring two years ago, and I'm still smoke free. Well done for stopping drinking! Good for you!xx

New Year’s Resolution?

New Year's Resolution?

These are some random ones i thought of:

-getting better grades in school

-being a better help around the house

-being kinder to parents and not talking back to them

-more helpful and nice to siblings

-if you have a bad habit of anything like smoking or biting your nails that could be your new years resolution

-become a better friend

-if you play a instrument or sport your new years resolution could be to become better at the trumpet or become better at basketball

-if you tezt too much it could be too stop texting as much

- if your addcited to the computer,t.v. cellphone etc then it could be to stop being so addicted to the computer ot t.v.

-become healthier

-make more friends

- if you like to read or write it could be become a better reader or writer

there are alot more. it all depends on what YOU want to change in your life. if you want to change your weight then so be it. do it! it depends on you. ^^ what i said about were all just examples of some

hoped ihelped!

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