Sports America Kids Month on June, 2024: What are the most popular individual sports in America? ?

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What are the most popular individual sports in America? ?

For the average Joe & Jane citizen & family (with young kids) I would have to agree with others that Bowling would be number one where the family could have fun together. Firstly because it is inside and can happen all year round in spite of the weather.

Outside activities like putt-putt golf is seasonal.

My fave is 'pool-billiards'. I have been playing for 25-years in several leagues and involved with tournaments. Both men and women have increased the numbers in "league play" from a couple hundred thousand to millions around the world.

Where bowling has been seen on television since the 1950's, pool, mostly ESPN, has pool at least a couple times a month today where in the past it was never aired.

And like bowling, pool can be played year round because it's inside.

Hope some of this has been helpful. Good luck in your report.

What are schools like in America?

What are schools like in America?

Education in America are typically divided into 3 groups.

Public Education/Private School/Homeschooling

In public schools kids go through different classes throughout the day, and have about a 20-45 minute lunch break. These different classes include Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and sometime Foreign Languages, like German, Spanish or French. Homework is given out probably mostly every night for almost each subject. For the most part, schools have a good array of Clubs, whether its recycling club, math club, drama club, sports club or more! And If you find a sport to your interest, than you usually try out for that sport, if you make it congrats! Than usually the sports practices and games are after school and you need to get picked up by a parent by the time that sport is over.

In Private School, you are required to wear uniforms and its typically the same for public school except usually public schools have a bigger student population. Education is just as same as well as homework and sports.

Homeschooling is so different from both, Private and Public school, you stay HOME and do school. You are by yourself (unless you have brothers or sisters that are home-schooled) Usually your parents teach you and you do online programs that teach you just what you need to learn or you work from work-books that have math or word problems that you complete to get better at that subject. Homeschooling is not as great as Public Education or Private Education because you are not with a lot of kids your age and you don't get the most of education. But, in the United States there are about 3,000,000 home-schooled children.

A school day typically starts at around 7-9:00 am and usually ends at around 2:30-4:00pm

School goes 5 days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

We have Saturday and Sunday off.

For Breaks and School vacations here's what most schools give breaks to the following holidays...

-Columbus Day


-Winter Break (Christmas, Hanukkah, and other Seasonal Holidays) is about 1-2 weeks

-President's Day Weekend is about 3-5 days

-Spring Break is about 1 week

- And Everyone's favorite, Summer Break which is about 3 months

The school year runs from September-June every year.

Should after-school sports teams be necessary for public schools?

Should after-school sports teams be necessary for public schools?

By D. Johnson -

Once upon a fat kid joined the basketball team, it did not turn out well. During conditioning one day he fell over, the other players figured that he was just faking. He was not faking he died. The only reason this fat kid made the basketball team was because of the new law instated saying that all kids had to participate in a sport. Does the government have the right to kill you?

The government is a very powerful and versatile word. It can imply that there is a higher power watching over you or it can just mean that there is a feeble "power" in the area. Is it there right to turn students into sleek lean athletes? I believe in equal rights sir, not Stalin. If the government has the right to force us to compete against each other what next, forcibly making us showers? I believe not, this is America home of the free, not land of the thin.

Student athlete, notice the student in front o athlete. Many young Americans today are having great difficulty with all the Chinese and Indians taking our jobs. I believe that if a student where to compete in sports it would take a great deal of his time out of the day. When they finally arrived home they would not have enough time to do there homework. Kids do whatever they want during high school, its part of the whole experience. Eventually a really small scrawny kid will go crazy and kill everyone; the government is only harboring another Columbine event. People need to let others do as they please with themselves, like abortion. That also leads to the next idea that people are going to be willing to pay for all the teams these kids would be required to be on. Where is the funding for a sixth and seventh soccer team coming from America, your taxes!

The opposition says that America is getting fatter and that kids need to exercise. I say that its not my fault they are getting fatter tell them to go join the soccer team, oh wait, we do not have the funding for another team. The kid feeling incredibly depressed goes out and eats a double-quarter pounder with cheese. That is not solving the problem it's only preventing it. Another argument is that sports teams build discipline. I know another thing that builds discipline, the army. All these kids who feel depressed about themselves should buckle up and say hello to Uncle Sam's fat kid camp. I say we send all the really fat kids to these camps and have them do forced labor until they are skinning. That way we only have to pay for a few dozen camps the kids in the camps get skinny and when they return home the gruesome stories they have to tell scariest everyone else skinny. This new simple three step method solves America's obesity problem for only a few dollars a month. Can we do it America?

My main points which have been mentioned in my previous sentences conclude that it is WRONG for the government to forcably make kids do thing that they dont want to do. It is also ill judgment to think that americans wil pay extra money for little timmy to fat to play on the basketball team. The opposition thinks that this is completly liason of us to place funding over health, but you do not see them paying people to play baseball. In conclusion, I know what to do with the future of america, I alone understand how to manipulate people to my will.

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