Christmas Bird Count Week on December, 2024: why don't birds feet freeze in winter?

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why don’t birds feet freeze in winter?

Not all birds migrate south for the winter. There are actually about 2,000 Christmas Bird Counts going on within the next few weeks in the U.S. and Canada (I just did two of these all-day counts back-to-back this weekend and am tired, so I apologize if I seem to ramble on).

If birds' feet do get cold, they just sit on them and cover their feet with their feathers. This keeps their feet relatively warm. Sometimes, birds will even stand on one foot while they press the other against their feathers to warm it up, and then keep switching feet to keep both of them somewhat warm.

Christmas gift ideas for my parents?

Christmas gift ideas for my parents?

I am 51, love nature and am a Mom/grandmom - some of the best gifts I have gotten from my children that have to do with nature are:

a pretty bird feeder with some bird seed

a beautiful windchime to hang outside, every time I hear it I think of them

For your Dad, my husband said some nice warm gloves to wear when he's working outside. I was thinking if he gardens or enjoys nature maybe a nice book about those subjects.

Maybe a couple of mugs with hot chocolate mix and some marshmallows stuck in there and then wrapped in pretty cellophane and tied with a bow as an additional little present.

When you get in your 50's it's not the present that counts as much as knowing your children have picked out something they think is special for you. Just anything to say I love you.

Hope you get some good ideas. And early Merry Christmas!

How many Christmas presents are too many?

How many Christmas presents are too many?

Are you kidding me with this question? You put way too much thought and detail into this. Just the way you presented this question, which is a basically unimportant issue anyway, tells me that you are an excessive person on all levels. I don't mean this to be mean, I mean this seriously. This is a non issue. What is it going to matter next week? You have to be kidding me. And BTW, $398.62 is NOT a lot to spend on your kids for Christmas. When my kids were small, back in the 80's I spent way more than that on them. I spend over $200 on my grown up kids just buying them small things, and I do not have a lot of money. Relax.

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