Tolerance Week on December, 2024: WTF is Week of Tolerance?

Tolerance Week 2024. Exam Week Tolerance Break Exam Week Tolerance Break

WTF is Week of Tolerance?

Is she talking about the National Tolerance Week? Because that's back in December, the first week to be exact.

These designated celebrations of diversity, tolerance, awareness, and multiculturalism would be all fine and dandelions...if it weren't for the small fact that there needs to be a "Tolerance Week", a "Black History Month" or an "X Appreciation Day" in the first place. These things should be year-round and socially-ingrained.

I did the glucose tolerance test last week?

I did the glucose tolerance test last week?

No actually failing the 1 hour is only a clue they use... you only have a 30% chance of now failing the 3 hour too.... Do you know how much you failed by? I only failed by 3 points and was told it was highly unlikely I would fail the 3 hour because I was really close... HAHA! I failed 3 of the 4 so yep I have it... and I was tested early (20 weeks) because I was high risk....

It really hasn't been that horrible. Obviously there are many things much worse. The only one I really have had issues with is the fasting levels, the one you take as soon as you wake up. Those levels have been going up... so at about 32 weeks I had to start taking insulin shots in the belly at night, and that has brought it down greatly... I am lucky though, what I eat doesn't really seem to matter, my levels don't really go up. It has gotten a little harder the farther along I have gotten, because what causes the diabetes is in the placenta, and the farther along you get the bigger the placenta....

My baby has done fine with it too... I have had to go to the specialist for extra ultrasounds and he is only in the 52% of weight, so it isn't bad... they say it is common to see G.D. babies in the 75-90% of weight! So he isn't going to be big.

Anyways I hope this helped. Even if you do have it, really things will work out! Oh and I have to disagree with someone! I liked the Sprite one much better then the orange at the doctors office. My hospital didn't give me a choice though!

GOOD LUCK and really try not to worry everything will be fine!

Mommy to 5 y.o., 3 y.o. twins and 37 weeks pregnant with baby #4

Proactiv tolerance?????

Proactiv tolerance?????

What really worked for me is upping the amount of Repairing Lotion I applied each week. I also ditched their cleanser because it can make inflammatory acne even worse, and I now use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. But if the Proactiv Cleanser isn't making your skin irritated, then I'd say stick with it. As for Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide together, you're about to run into some major irritation and flaking soon.

Go here for explanation on how and when to up dosage of Benzoyl Peroxide (ie Repairing Lotion, it has 2.5% BP).

The problem with Proactiv is a thin layer of their lotion containing benzoyl peroxide isn't the correct constant threshold. That site shows you how much you should end up applying in the end and how to gradually up the dosage of benzoyl peroxide. If you need help, just PM! I'm happy to help and have used this regimen for 6 months and have been clear since.

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