Kids Win Week on May, 2024: Kid Nation?

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Kid Nation???

Divad is driving me crazy. I know that all the kids would like to win the gold star but honestly nominating herself every week isn't helping her cause, it's just driving the council crazy. She is annoying them to the point that they probably wont ever give her one.

I have said since the beginning that I wish they never did the gold star thing. I wanted to see the kids work hard to make the town work with that being their only motivation and reward. Now you never know for 100% sure if each kid is doing the work for the good of the city or in the hopes of winning the gold star.

NFL Week 2 Game Predictions?

NFL Week 2 Game Predictions?

a lot of you are basing your predictions on what happened last week/week 1. Remember kids, this is the NFL and that was week 1. I'll predict week 2. Just shut up and listen!

Cardinals at Falcons FALCONS

- Ravens at Bengals BENGALS

- Chiefs at Browns CHIEFS

- Bears at Cowboys BEARS

- Eagles at Lions LIONS

- Bills at Packers PACKERS

- Steelers at Titans TITANS

- Dolphins at Vikings VIKINGS

- Bucs at Panthers PANTHERS

- Seahawks at Broncos BRONCOS

- Rams at Raiders RAIDERS

- Patriots at Jets PATRIOTS

- Jaguars at Chargers CHARGERS

- Texans at Redskins TEXANS

- Giants at Colts COLTS- Saints at 49ers SAINTS

Is Obama the comeback kid?

Is Obama the comeback kid?

BO will win again in 2012 IF the GOP has no other alternative for the American people than serving up Sarah Palin as a presidential nominee. If that is the case, they will be referring to Barack Obama as the "Landslide Kid" not just the "Comeback Kid."

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