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The process of becoming a Cardiovascular Surgeon!?

Develop good eating, sleeping and study habits.

Take up extra-curricular activities that will give you transferable skills - leadership, teaching, decision making, listening - like sports coaching, reffing or umping, life-guard or swim instructor, camp youth leader, etc.

Stay on the Deans List (for the right reasons)

Get your finances in order and put yourself on a budget.

Treat your studies like full time job with LOTS of overtime.

Have a 'plan B'.

Graduate from undergrad school (typically with a science or life science background, but I've seen people with humanities degrees - just have those prerequisites!)

Take MCATS (Medical School Admissions Test). Not all schools require MCATS

Apply for and be accepted into medical school.

Med School Year One - Preclinical. Lots of lectures, labs and exams, learning how to use it to perform physical exams, and practicing them often.

Med School Year Two - More preclinical. Similar to year one, but separated by domains (Cardio/GI/) as opposed to subjects (immunology/microbiology/etc.Prepare for Step 1.

USMLE Step 1 - United States Medical Licensing Examination, Step 1. This will test students on their ability to apply basic science concepts to the actual practice of medicine.

Med School Year Three - Clinical. Rotations (also called clerkships) throughout various major medical specialties (surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine, emergency medicine, etc). Learning takes place in a teaching hospital as opposed to lecture halls, and students shadow and assist doctors on a daily basis.

Med School Year Four - Clinical. Similar to year three. By now, students have figured out what type of medicine they want to practice. They complete their sub-internships, which are one to three months long. Students keep on top of schooling, study for the Step Two Test and apply to residency programs.

USMLE Step 2 - United States Medical Licensing Examination, Step 2. This will test students on their ability to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding of clinical science, while under supervision. Huge part of how residency programs gauge applicants.

Residency Applications - Includes applying to residency programs all over the country. Travel to wherever interviews were given. Rank your programs.

Match Day - where residency programs rate their applicants and applicants rate the programs, and a big computer program matches it all together.

Graduation from medical school

Residency - "On the job training." This phase can last anywhere from three to six years. Residents, while they are officially doctors, are still learning. They are supervised by attending doctors and senior residents. The hours of residents are long and arduous - 80 hours a week on average (which means if you have days off during a week - you will make up those extra hours above and beyond your average 80).

USMLE Step 3. United States Medical Licensing Exam, Step 3. It tests how well med school grads can apply medical knowledge and understanding of biomedical and clinical science essential for the unsupervised practice of medicine.

So, at the end of this, it takes at LEAST eleven years to become a doctor:

-four years of undergrad

-four years of med school

-three years of residency.

And don't forget about staying board certified! That means studying for tests to stay up-to-date every 7-10 years.

I’m 15 Years Old and Feel So Lonely?

I'm 15 Years Old and Feel So Lonely?

I think you need more sleep. The REM cycle is when you store your memories, so if you don't get enough sleep then you will not remember as much which is what makes it necessary to study harder. Get all your written work done that the teacher requires and do what is expected as far as chores go, but if they don't show appreciation for extra stuff like shoveling the whole drive, then don't do that, unless you want to. I am proud of you that you shoveled the drive without being asked to do it. That shows that you are a good citizen who will do extra work for the good of the people whether you get recognition or not.

People can actually get addicted to recognition and other social stimuli. I think people who do something just for the recognition are normal people, but people who do more than expected and don't mind not getting recognition for it are extraordinary.

The is nothing wrong with being normal, but I think deep inside we all have a desire to be extraordinary.

It is sad but typical that parents tend to notice the bad and never seem to notice the good. But it is really typical of everyone. When was the last time you thanked your parents for something they do every day? It's just normal that people don't say anything when things go right, but they sure do notice when even the smallest thing goes wrong.

As parents, they may not want their daughter to get attention from boys. Statistics have shown that the sooner a girl becomes interested in boys, the less successful she will be in life. Wait until you get into college before you start dressing to impress the boys.

If your parents have told you to get a job to buy your own clothes, then they have implied permission to dress in those clothes that you buy with your own money. If you really want this, then ask yourself how you can get this.

If your parents only complaint when you have friends over is that you didn't find the time to do your chores, then simply make sure your chores get done when you have friends over.

Forgetfulness of simple things like daily chores is a sign of lack of sleep. Use a checklist in combination with an alarm clock if you must. Your parents want you to be better than them. They may not be perfect, but they mean well. If you do only one thing, let it be get more sleep. Sleep deprivation is dangerous and can lead to temporary insanity as well as long term problems.

I wouldn't say that you're a horrible person nor ungrateful, but I think that a lot of the feelings you're having are related to lack of sleep. Hormones can also be responsible for irrational feelings. Your growth takes place during sleep, so if you don't get enough sleep while you are not yet fully grown, you can stunt your growth in a bad way.

Don't use hours of study to excuse not doing ten minutes worth of chores. You should take frequent breaks from your studies anyway to walk around and get your heart pumping and get more oxygen to your brain. So you don't get lost in your studies and completely forget, just use an alarm to remind you to check the chore list.

Often parents overcompensate for what they see as the flaws of their own parents when they raise their children. It may be that your parents think that their parents were generous to a fault. squandered money and gave too much praise. If someone receives too much praise, it loses its effect and no longer seems sincere. It's likely that you will be more like your grandparents than your parents in how you raise your children.

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