National Bike to Work Week on May, 2025: When and where is black bike week?

National Bike to Work Week 2025. Alaska communities plan events for National Bike Month in May and ... National Bike to Work Week

When and where is black bike week?

Black Bike Week, also called Atlantic Beach Bikefest[2] and Black Bikers Week,[1] is an annual motorcycle rally at Atlantic Beach, South Carolina, held on Memorial Day weekend. It is also sometimes called Black Fill-in-the-Blank Week, because it has evolved to attract many non-motorcycling visitors who come for music, socializing and enjoying the beach.[5] Events include motorcycle racing, concerts, parties, and street festivals. Called a "a one-of-a-kind event" and "an exhibitionist's paradise" by Jeffrey Gettleman, Black Bike Week is "all about riding, styling and profiling," in the words of Mayor Irene Armstrong of Atlantic Beach, South Carolina.[6]

It is the largest African American motorcycle rally in the US.[5] Attendance has been variously reported as 350,000,[1] 375,000,[5] and as high as 400,000.[6][3] It is considered the third or fourth largest motorcycle rally in the United States.[1] Around 10–15 percent of motorcyclists in the US are women,[7][8] while at major African American motorcycle rallies, such as Black Bike Week or the National Bikers Roundup, women make up close to half of participants.[9]

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When is bike to work day?

When is bike to work day?

May is National Bike Month and according to The League of American Bicyclists who designates the time frame. Has been for as long as I know of, Bike-to-Work Week 2010 is from May 17-21 and Bike-to-Work Day is on Friday, May 21st ((EVERYWHERE)) it doesn't depend on where you live, it's the same for everyone. Have Fun and enjoy the ride.

Can You Bike on National Highways in Japan?

Can You Bike on National Highways in Japan?

Yes you can, in fact 246 is all city. In the cities, the national roads are crowded, and there is no toll. Once you get out of the large urban areas out into the country side, the roads are open, but you do share with cars and trucks.

You will not be able to take an expressways, because there are toll boths and they allow cars and trucks only.

As long as there is a road you can take your bike. The challengs is the safety with cars. Outside of Tokyo and other large cities, you will be OK. When I lived there, I bought a Kanto area atlas. That detailed all roads and highways. The detail is good and you can find your routes through and around cities.

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