Salvation Army Week on May, 2025: Who else stayed at the Salvation Army for a few weeks?

Salvation Army Week 2025. Happy National Salvation Army Week! Salvation Army Week as a

Who else stayed at the Salvation Army for a few weeks?

I tried years ago when I found myself and my son homeless. The Salvation Army refused me but told me my son was welcome and I would have to go to a homeless shelter. If I was the mother then they would have provided us a room, but as a way. Sexual discrimination?...on the nth level.

Volunteer for Salvation Army?

Volunteer for Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army runs a church and huge social services.

They would be glad to talk to you, and if you prefer not to volunteer with them after the discussion, no-one will give you a hard time.

Just a thought, some of the volunteer work is seasonal, like the Christmas time activities.

salvation army hindu employee?

salvation army hindu employee?

The Salvation Army is fairly liberal and hires a lot of non-Christians. Much of their work involves federal government contracts so they hire people outside their own church because their are not very many Salvationists to do all the work that they administer.

The Salvation Army is part of the holiness movement and does not baptize. They specialize in treating people with substance abuse addictions. They have a fabulous history of Christian service all over the world and are good people. They allow women preachers because they do not have enough men so this aligns them somewhat with Pentecostalism as many traditional Christian denominations do not allow women to preach.

The US government has officially stated that The Salvation Army is a church. Of course, The Salvation Army was started in London, England, by General William Booth.

Their officers are very low paid and often have only second-hand things from their thrift shops and live in Army homes and drive Army cars. When they retire, most of them have little more than Social Security.

I don't think that you will have any problem with them. You know how Hinduism likes to absorb other religions, but you have so far been unable to absorb Christianity.

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