National Etiquette Week on May, 2022: Proper Wedding Etiquette? Pre-Wedding Parties?

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National Etiquette Week 2022. Announcing: National Etiquette Week 2013 « The Etiquette Institute ... Announcing: National Etiquette

Proper Wedding Etiquette? Pre-Wedding Parties?

I say within the first week of September. You should always give people at least 4-6 weeks notice for any type of social event where people need to RSVP.

A question on Egyptian etiquette and invitations to dinner.?

A question on Egyptian etiquette and invitations to dinner.?

It's difficult to say who should be inviting whom. I suppose you would be meeting them at the airport and checking them in the hotel anyway. You can't expect her to invite you round to her hotel. It's not her home.

She's your mom staying in nearby hotel for a week. Naturally you would want to spend a lot of time with her and so does she. The first thing is obviously invite them to your home for tea or whatever because she would want to know where and how you live. The rest of the time for that week, you would want to and she would expect you to show them around. Prepare some schedules on places of interests. For the one week, do your best to make her feel welcome.

tipping etiquette?

tipping etiquette?

One is not expected to tip the employees of the window installation company. Most service companies have rules prohibiting their staff from accepting such gratuities. If the installers will be in your home during normal lunch time, you might consider providing lunch or a snack and a drink, I am sure that would be appreciated, but still, not expected.

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