National Volunteer Week on April, 2025: National American miss optional contest?

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National American miss optional contest?

To win Most Volunteer Work

I'm not sure but I think you should aim to do one hour a week. However, if there is a space on the form for you to explain your volunteer work than I guess doing a several 3 hour weekend projects (helping at a care home, visiting sick children, helping a charity race etc.) should be good as well.

To win Best Resume, you need to have a long list of extra curricular activities.

Also, you need to show that you take on some leadership roles in your school/community.

An amazing resume would have something like this:

-Girl scout leader

-Student Body President at middle school/high school

-Cheerleader on the regional all-star squad

-Member of my school's athletic club

-Member of the nationwide DARE scheme

Member of my city's ice skating club

-Help out at my local care home for 2 hours every week

-Member of my Church choir

Plus, you would need to have some great awards:

-Winner of my school's science fair

-Came third in the 2012 state track meet (200m sprint)

-On the honor roll

That would be a REALLY amazing resume but hopefully it shows you what the judges would love to see.

NAM loves girls who mention volunteering and if you help out in any religious group than make sure to mention it because it will make you look even more well rounded.

I don't know what length the Thank-you letter should be but it must be genuine and charming.

You could put in some light humor and I also recommend putting in something that shows you are patriotic/spiritual. Of course, don't put in anything you are not comfortable with. Talk about how they have helped you reach your dream and maybe say how excited you are about pageant weekend!

Just let them know you are grateful and are eager to make them proud!

I am a college student in search of a volunteer abroad program for spring break.?

I am a college student in search of a volunteer abroad program for spring break.?

*This* Spring Break? Dude, you have waited WAY too late...

There is a listing of the more-than-30 member organizations of the International Volunteers Program Association (IVPA) that is a good place to find reputable volunteer-for-a-fee programs -- programs where you don't need to have much experience in order to participate, and the placements are just for a few weeks or months:

You can also try United For Sight. The goal of Unite For Sight and its partner eye clinics and communities is to create eye disease-free communities. "While helping the community, volunteers are in a position to witness and draw their own conclusions about the failures and inequities of global health systems. It broadens their view of what works, and what role they can have to insure a health system that works for everyone..." This program was featured on CNN International. Volunteers, both skilled and unskilled, are 18 years and older, and there is no upper age limit. It is obligatory for accepted volunteers to purchase insurance coverage through Unite for Sight's recommended provider, and volunteers are responsible for all travel arrangements, visa vaccine requirements, lodging, airfare, food, and any additional expenses.

The American Hiking Society sponsors several excellent volunteer vacations every year, constructing or rebuilding footpaths, cabins and shelters in some of the USA's most beautiful spots.

Sierra Club volunteer vacations help to state and federal land agencies. Service trips range from helping with research projects at whale calving grounds in Maui to assisting with archaeological site restoration in New Mexico.

Habitat for Humanity has activities all over the country.

People in the Gulf Coast of the USA are still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Use Google to find such opportunities, or:




Network for Good,


Do you know of any outdoor volunteering ideas?

Do you know of any outdoor volunteering ideas?

Village Harvest

Village Harvest is a nonprofit volunteer organization based in the Santa Clara Valley, California with operations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

We've become nationally recognized for our large Harvesting for the Hungry (H4H) program, which harvested almost 125,000 lbs. of fruit from local backyards and small orchards in 2007. A backyard fruit tree usually produces far more fruit than a household can use themselves, and there is more than enough going to waste from local backyards and farms to provide for our local community’s hungry. We address this food distribution problem by organizing volunteer teams to harvest backyard fruit and donate it to charitable food agencies and organizations.

I saw other weekend events listed too.

December 7th, Sunday 9:00 am - 12:30 pm Community Fruit Harvesting, Persimmons/Citrus, Mountain View Meet 9:00 am, Mt. View CSA Call (888) FRUIT-411 to join in.

VolunteerMatch opportunities. There were some others, but here are two.

Join the Trail Keeper Team! (Golden Gate National Parks)


Become a Trail Keeper volunteer in the Golden Gate National Parks! Trail Keepers is a new and exciting volunteer opportunity through the Trails Forever Program.

Trail Keeper volunteers can enjoy a flexible, family friendly schedule, regular exercise, outdoor learning and skill development, all while supporting their beloved park site. By monitoring the trails, Trail Keepers collect important information for the National Park Service trails, maintenance and natural resources staff. Trail Keepers also play an important role in assisting park visitors with way-finding and site information. Get to know new trails, while enjoying old favorites.

Registration required.This is not a drop-in program. An application is required.


Ages 18 and up are welcome. No experience necessary - just a love for the outdoors and hiking trails. Training will be provided. Moderate ongoing commitment level required.

Planting for the Second Hundred Years

Stanford, CA 94309


Help plant, protect, and study oaks and other native plants on lands around Stanford. Learn about local ecology and discuss how we can apply ecology to further common good as we work. During the summer fieldwork Thursday evenings, 5:30-7:30; during the winter Saturday mornings, 10am-1pm; and at other times by arrangement.


Enjoy working outdoors.

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