Older Driver Safety Awareness Week on December, 2024: How important is it to raise awareness about Teen Driver Safety? ?

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 2024. Older Driver Safety Awareness Week - AOTA Older Driver Safety Awareness

How important is it to raise awareness about Teen Driver Safety? ?

I believe it is very important to alert communities about Teen Driver safety. I think that in these days, the media has become so adult oriented that many have put the teens, and even children to the background. I think that many of the teen deaths can be decreased by simple intervention. One reason why so many deaths occur is because the teens involved in the accidents are not prepared for driving as they should be. The driving classes along with taking the tests are simply not enough. What needs to be done is to have every parent or guardian take full responsibility making sure the teens are aware of the rules of the road, and the consequences of driving careless. Also the awareness should be raised about increased deaths of drunken driving. That is still an issue. It is not enough to hand them a license. Its just a verification saying they have learned what they need to to drive. But it cannot replace more time with parents or guardians who can help them make good choices on the road. Intervention can save lives and it should be enforced.

Edit: And those stats that you provided only support the fact that there is indeed a problem and there are ways to combat these issues by providing each team the right amount of training.

Texas driving laws for 18 year old without a permit or license?

Texas driving laws for 18 year old without a permit or license?

Starting March 1, 2010, driver license applicants between the ages of 18 and 24 must complete an approved driver education course and a driving skills test to become a licensed driver in Texas.

Applicants must submit a certificate proving that they successfully completed a driver education course approved by the Texas Education Agency. Senate Bill 1317, passed by the 81st Texas Legislature in 2009, created this requirement and authorized the development of a six-hour adult driver education course to meet the needs of this group of drivers.

Applicants who present proof of successful completion of the approved course will not be required to submit to the written highway signs and traffic laws test required under section 521.161 of the Texas Transportation Code, but must still pass the driving skills examination.

A driving safety course or drug and alcohol driving awareness program are not acceptable as driver education courses for this requirement.

A list of approved courses can be found here:


One day in a truck? Would it make YOU more aware?

One day in a truck? Would it make YOU more aware?

A Day? Give them a week! Showers waited for, quick bathroom breaks, Smith System Driving, non-courtesy driving, load planners which are infamous for instilling RAGE, the Works!

Anyone who has been out on the big rigs or worked in the field, passenger, driver, waitress or clerk, all have heard and experienced the "rules of the road".

I live in a state that takes professional drivers for granted and are thankless for all the accidents they AVOID just by thinking ahead and being aware of what is happening around them.

Legislation should give "big rig" awareness as a part of driver's education. It really is a shame this aspect of driver's ed. is limited. My 15 yr old is studying dr. ed. now and there are more questions regarding alcohol than how to share the road safely. We don't drink, nor do we have friends that drink, but we have to quiz her over the twenty questions about the 0.8 BAC which she may never have to deal with (No, we are not stiffs, we have family members who are active alcoholics).Yet, there is no mention of truck safe travel on the test. Are we to assume and ignore the twenty non-asked questions of safety basics for trucking which she will deal with on a daily basis?!

I get angry over this topic, but to our professional driver family's credit, my son held his learner's permit for a year to learn not only the driver's test, but the CDL questions too. He drove with two class A drivers and one class B driver for the year being quizzed at every step of the way. The tester said she had not seen someone as prepared as he and she passed him with flying colors. Three years later, he still has a clear and spotless driving record.

Maybe the answer is to have only experienced CDL drivers teach driver's ed and partner them with the other professionals who have to deal with bad drivers every day, first responders. Refresher courses and tests for anyone who drives public roads should be looked at too! One can take their driver's test at age 16 and then renew their license for as many years as they drive, how logical is THAT?! When we answer the questions of safe driving, the question of drinking and driving is a "DUH" answer.

Okay, I am done preaching, but now you have my opinion.

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