React Month on May, 2023: How should I react to my 16-month old daughter?

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How should I react to my 16-month old daughter?

LOL my 15 month old little boy sat today for 5 minutes inspecting his "package" it's a way of exploring his body and finding out how things feel (whether they are soft and squishy or hard and bony... or in his case I guess they can be both). Don't feel ashamed babies don't understand what those parts are or what they are for and to them it's no different than inspecting their belly button (something my son has been insepecting a lot the past couple of months and just discovered yesterday Momma has a belly button TOO!!!) In fact my daughter never really developed a fascination for it, but keep in mind you're not going to stop her from inspecting it, you can't keep her diapered always (there's always bathtime) and if you stop her and react badly she won't understand why she can't play with her body parts. And call it whatever you are comfortable with (my niece calls it her privates, which is fully appropriate, but my daugter calls it her peepot... something me and my sisters called it when we were little, not sure where we got that one). Either way make sure it's something you are comfortable with her shouting in public, because she will find a reason sometime someday to talk about it in public and you need to be sure you are able to react without blushing... too much, because the "problem" may be very serious (if even only to your daughter) and it will discourage her from talking to you about future problems if you react badly to her talking about it. When your daughter gets older (like 2 or 3) and she starts holding herself, do what most moms do and ask, do you have to go to the bathroom, when she replies no, say then don't hold yourself or I will think that you DO, and I will take you to the bathroom whether you do or not and make you go! This will make her understand that she shouldn't do it without reason (you're not going to be able to convince a 4 year old that HAS to go potty not to hold herself, so accept that), but at the same time you are not shaming her or making her think that she is doing anything bad. As for now, let your baby explore (it's not masterbation), and decide now what you will be comfortable with her calling her girl parts. And don't change it or it might confuse her. Some people believe that it should be called what it is in medical terms, I'm just not sure I'm prepared for my 5 year old to SAY vigina in public, or my son to say anything about his penis...ever, to me that is MORE shocking than the euphanisms that people make up to call them coming from a kid's mouth. But it's up to you.

Am i over - reacting?

Am i over - reacting?

Your not over reacting, if thats how you feel - thats how you feel, you cant help it :)

I think that if you two really love each other ( and by what you said it sounds like you do ) then you really have nothing to worry about!

I mean, if someone loves someone, it wont just end because the two of you go to different schools, i know loads of people who go out with people from other schools and it works for them!

If you are experiencing problems like arguments then really, i would try to avoid them at all costs.

Try not to nag him or if he is nagging you just tell him how you feel and how you would like to be treated.

Apart from that i dont see a problem, im sure that you will see each other loads, you just have to make sure you see him enough and make sure you still do school work and things like that ( i made the same mistake of choosing boys over school )

And im sure you two will be okay :) If you really love him, you can make it work...

Hope i helped you :) xx

how would you react?

how would you react?

I would be angry, vengeful, devastated, heartbroken, depressed, lonely, and probably every other emotion in the book except for happy. I cannot even imagine how this situation feels for you. You are a very strong woman for getting through these last few months alone, don't forget that. If you need to get some revenge on his dumb a.s.s for closure purposes, by all means do it! As long as its not illegal or harmful to him of course! He has a big ol fat Karma bug comin his way anyways, and you have every right to play a part in sticking some of it to him! After you do that, I'd suggest praying and support groups are your next best thing. Many churches and hospitals have single parent support groups that will probably help.

As far as his b!tch of a new girlfriend, she will end up as lonely and devastated as you are someday so don't hold any anger towards her, in fact I'd pity her. She has no idea what a 'cover-up' man he is! He will do the same to her since he gave himself no time to heal after your divorce. Rebound relationships usually play out past issues you had with your previous partner so don't sweat it.

I hope I was able to comfort you. Try to see your baby boy as all the beautiful things that your husband was not and don't forget that eventually, with time, you must forgive him to set yourself free. Good luck to you and your child!

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