Piano Month on September, 2024: 16 month old piano lessons - please read?

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Piano Month

Tickle your secrets for Piano Month! Celebrate a musical instrument that is still classical, contemporary and versatile simultaneously a musical instrument that led enormously to the introduction of music as you may know it, and is constantly on the play a vital role in modern music.

16 month old piano lessons - please read?

I am a professional musician in Chicago. I play clarinet and bari sax (18+ years on both). I am also the mother of a 3 year old who loves music, art, and dance!

Through college, it is required that you take a certain amount of credit hours worth of piano, despite what instrument you actually play. Even though I had years of experience playing music, piano was hard for me to learn. I always wished my parents had gotten me lessons when I was a kid, and Music Theory would definately have been easier if I could have played piano better.

Let me assure you- there is more to playing any instrument than natural talent...

With that being said, anyone can learn an instrument, no matter how early or late in life they start. It may come easier for some people, and some people may get better at it faster.

I wouldn't worry about lessons right now, but do introduce him to sounds and rhythms and different styles. Don't shy away from ANY kind of music. Heck, take the adventure together! Don't like country? Listen to it anyways, dance with him- and watch his reaction! Never heard traditional African Tribal music? Try it, help him clap to the beat- and watch his reaction!

And another idea: YOU could take a couple lessons, and then sit down with your son and show him what you learned! Buy a simple piano book and teach yourself a little. Experiment together and enjoy the bond you will develop!

As he gets older, if he still has an interest in learning an instrument, please encourage him. Get him lessons. And no matter what instrument he chooses, please get SOME piano lessons, as it will help him with all other aspects of music.

And if he decides that music isn't what he wants to do- don't sweat it! He can still learn it years later, if he so chooses! You will still be able to bond over other things, but you will still probably have a common interest in music for the rest of your lives. Life is never really without music.

Good Luck to you and your Cutie!

learn the piano in 2 months?

learn the piano in 2 months?

I'm sorry but you can't POSSIBLY be a "semi-pro" within two months. I'm not trying to shoot you down or anything, but especially here on YA I come across a LOT of people who get an instrument, and want to be brilliant at it within a week.

If you know squat about music theory, can't read notes, then you will probably spend the entire two months having to get that figured out. I don't get why people want to be perfect players within two months- that really defeats the purpose of others who go and study college degrees in their instrument and take YEARS to master it, doesn't it?

PLEASE don't be too hasty and start with the basics? I mean, if you really want to be a good player you will take the time to learn and practise the instrument. A lot of people play the piano but a) they're not all good and b) it's NOT as easy as people think. Everybody thinks their instrument is easy if they play it already.

So I suggest you go ahead and start practicing- if you know a teacher who gives summer lessons go and have a lessons or two. Trust me, I taught myself and then started taking lessons because I had to play grades for high school and I had SUCH a hard time.

Sorry about your trip though... :-/

is learning piano for 3 months enough?

is learning piano for 3 months enough?

As I understand your question, you have been taking piano lessons but have to stop because your parents need the money to purchase a computer. If this is the case, do NOT let this stop you from learning how to play the instrument. I'm assuming that you must have a piano or keyboard at your house on which to practice.

Most people who don't know how to play the piano probably know someone who does play the instrument. I have found that other people that you know at school or in a social organization are glad to teach a peer how to play the instrument and read music. Usually they don't expect any payment. Instead, they receive satisfaction from sharing their talent and information by hearing you learn and improve.

The music teachers at your school, whether they are the General Music teacher or choir director, orchestra or band conductor, can be a major source of information. Depending on their schedule, any of them should be able to help you continue on the piano. They are teachers and gladly share their knowledge with students.

Any church has an organist or key board player, a choir director and choir members. These people will gladly help a young person learn music. You just need to seek them out.

There probably are people in your neighborhood who have pianos or keyboards who would invite you to their house to learn the basics of the instrument.

Any of these resources are better than using You Tube videos because they can give you instant constructive criticism to correct any bad habits, any misunderstanding, etc. They can take the time to answer your questions and encourage you. They will support you as you learn.

So, go hunting for friends, peers, neighbors, teachers or anyone else that can keep you learning about the wide world of music.

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