National Tie Month on December, 2024: Detailed information about the National Guard?

December, 2024 is National Tie Month 2024. Tie One On! Celebrate National Tie Month December is National Tie Month

Detailed information about the National Guard?

The National Guard is composed of both the Army and the Air Force. It is part time - one weekend a month/two weeks a year minimum.

YOu'll work in whatever state you join in. If you move then you can transfer. The National Guard is the Army - land warfare and the Air Force - air warfare, as opposed to the Navy which is based in sea warfare.

air national guard....?

air national guard....?

The National Guard is tied to each individual state. The Governor has the authority to activate them. The Army National Guard is trained and equipped similar to the Army. The Air National Guard is trained and equipped similar to the Air Force.

In certain times, for example war, the National Guard can be Federalized. When that happens they will come under the authority of the President. Whether a unit of the Guard gets called up will depend on the need. The Guard's units are organized just like the Reserves and Active Military. If a specific unit has vital skills needed, it'll be called up. In some cases, parts of units will be activated to fill shortages in Active Duty Units.

There are not guarantees that an individual and/or unit will not be called up. Generally, units are given enough notice to prepare for deployment.

Your boyfriend will go to basic training and to his specialty school, the same as any active duty Airman. When he's finished he'll return home. The normal duty is one weekend per month, and two weeks full time once every year (usually in the Summer, but not always).

National Guard or Reserves?

National Guard or Reserves?

First, talk to Reserve & Guard recruiters at the units you are considering joining. They are more knowledgeable of Guard/Reserve needs & operations than active duty recruiters.

Lengths of enlistments vary depending on what AFSC you enlist into.

Guard units are state agencies and they do tie you to one state. Reserve units are a part of the Air Force. If you move, you might be able to find a unit with an opening you can transfer to. Guard/Reserve units spend a lot of money to train you and are usually reluctant to release you to another unit - it will be handled on a case by case basis.

Suggestion: Enlist in the Air Force Reserves as a Med Tech. Hopefully there is an Air Force base with a Reserve unit near the school you want to attend. After Basic & Tech School, return to your unit and perform about a year of 'seasoning' days for training - good pay & benefits while gaining experience exactly where you need it. After that you will start your one weekend/two weeks schedule. During your 30 day breaks you might be able to perform some 'mandays' and earn some extra $$$.

Warning: If your unit gets activated or deploys, you might have to drop out of class until you return.

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