Operation Santa Paws on December, 2024: Are you contributing to any charities this holiday season?

December, 2024 is Operation Santa Paws 2024. santapawlogoRGB03.gif operation santa paws justin

Are you contributing to any charities this holiday season?

Salvation Army

St Jude's hospital

Safe Shelter for battered women

Greenbriar Children's Home

Why would they keep breeding?

Why would they keep breeding?

*wipes tear from eye and pounds head on desk in disbelief*

Try connecting her with a responsible breeder who might be able to mentor her (and provide her with GOOD information). OR, have her visit the local shelter with you - call ahead and have them prepare statistics to give her: the number of animals coming in vs. the numbers of those actually adopted out.

Is it actually illegal to get your cats declawed in LA?

Is it actually illegal to get your cats declawed in LA?

Please I beg you whatever you do, never declaw your cat! Please read why mutilating your cat's paws is illegal in so many countries including Britain. Look at your fingers, now imagine the ends of them amputated up to your fingers first joint. Now imagine digging through the sand in your cat's litter-box. Feels pretty good right? That's why so many declawed cats refuse to use their litter-box! Please read this very thorough link about declawing cats, many pet-owners are not aware of what declawing a cat actually involves...

It's illegal to declaw cats in LA, which is a good thing!

: )

This small southern California city has set a precedent for other municipalities by being the first city in North America to ban the declawing of cats. The new law was the project of Councilmember John Duran, with the backing of veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Conrad, founder of The Paw Project, based in Santa Monica California. After the council's 5-0 vote Monday, April 7, 2003, Councilman Duran said, "We would just encourage our neighboring cities to follow our lead."

Indeed, California Assemblyman Paul Koretz (former Mayor of West Hollywood), has already followed the lead of the West Hollywood City Council. On February 14, 2003, Assemblyman Koretz introduced AB395, which would ban declawing in the state of California, including the declawing of "big cats." The full text of AB395 can be viewed online, and California residents canalso post onlinetheir comments on this bill.

As the Los Angeles City Council put it:

"onychectomy (declawing) and flexor tendonectomy can be a painful operation, preventing an animal from being able to extend its claws and leaving it unable to scratch, affecting its balance and climbing and rendering it at a great disadvantage in defending itself; and ... there is evidence that links onychectomy (declawing) and flexor tendonectomy to a high risk of painful adverse and long lasting effects on animals and that complications can include damage to nerves, lameness and chronic pain; and ... declawing unnecessarily increases public health and safety risks as declawed animals become more prone to biting as a form of defense, leading to increased infection; and ... there are many alternatives that involve no physical harm to the animal."

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