Safe Toys and Gifts Month on December, 2024: Joint gift for 6 month old and 18 month old girls?

December, 2024 is Safe Toys and Gifts Month 2024. December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month: 9 Tips to Keep Kids Safe ... There are thousands of toys to

Joint gift for 6 month old and 18 month old girls?

here are a few ideas (my two youngest daughters are 13 months apart so we had alot of "joint" toys when they were toddlers-these were some of their favorites)

fisher price little people. my daughters LOVED these sets!! you could get them a couple of sets to play with and maybe a rubbermaid tub for mom to put them in. my girls would play for hours together with,walmart, or pretty much any toy store has them

fisher price "go baby go!!" systems. my daughters had 3 of these and also loved them. this is good for the little niece too b/c she can grow into like you wanted.

fisher price learning kitchen

fisher price makes the BEST baby toys. they are safe and last a long time!!

Gifts for a newborn girl?

Gifts for a newborn girl?

My daughter is now a year old and was born 3 weeks early. What we had to go by was some outfits to fit a baby from 4 to 7 lbs. as the newborn outfits were just to large and we had to search high and low to find preemie diapers.

Here is a list of other items that I received or would of liked to received as gifts.

1. Bumbo Seat - the child can use it once they have neck control. It puts the baby in a safe sitting position. Great for those babies that like to see everything. Also found it handy to take to resturants and put it on the table or bench, it was better than some of the highchairs that resturants offer. Can be found at Babies R Us for about $60 Cdn.

2. Portable Swing - this was great as we did alot of travelling to see family and this folded down nicely so that we could take it along and give our daughter something familiar. It also took up less space in our home as we are restricted for space.

3. Gift Certificate for Wee Piggies & Paws - mother and child life cast. Check out I had this done when my daughter was 4 mths old and it's my favorite "art" piece in the house and it captured how tiny her hand was.

4. Items for when the baby is older. The new mom will receive a ton of stuff for when she is little and I truly appreciated the stuff I received that was for the older child, this included but was not limited to:

Infant toothbrush and infant toothpaste

Plastic bowls, sippy cups, spoons and forks, plastic plates

Step Stool for the child to reach the taps or step up to the toliet

Large bibs

Safety items for the house - outlet covers, cabinet door locks, toliet seat lock etc.

Wooden toy box

5. A really nice outfit or coat for the child in about an 18 mth size

6. A Grobag - this is a outfit that you put your child to sleep in, it helps them regulate their temperature, it has a zipper so for diaper changes at night the parents just unzip, change, zip up. It provides the child with a familiar sleeping "area" they learn when it's put on it's time for bed.

7. Create a scrapbook - leave space for the new parents to put the pictures in, attach sticky notes to each page that contain picture suggestions and ideas about the information they should record. I have done this for a few friends and everyone at the shower just loved the idea.

8.a potty for toliet training, booster seat for when they move from the highchair, toys for 3+mths, a push walker (check out the Fisher-Price Ride and Stride Car)

Other items that you can purchase that I think the new mom would appreciate include:

Bath tub with bath toys, hooded towels, wash cloths, Gerber Baby Wash in Lavender, they have a lotion as well

Diaper Bag filled with diapers of various sizes and makes (ie. Huggies, Pampers, Luvs etc.), wipes, diaper cream - I liked Ihle's Paste or try something more natural, small bottle of Purell Hand Sanitizer, rattle, bottles, if she is breastfeeding then breastmilk storage bags etc.

Get a basket and fill it with things that they will need later on such as: infant Tempra or Tylenol (for when baby get's it's shots), infant sun lotion - I like Coppertone Water Babies Spray, Bug Repellant - "In the Bush" Citronella Body Oil by Butterfly Weed Herbals, this is safe to use on infants and works well, a Braun ThermoScan ear thermometer, infant toothbursh and tooth paste, teething ring, beginner baby food etc.

Get a large bowl and fill it with beginner baby food, large bibs, fork and spoon set, bottles, sippy cups, cups with straws, plastic bowls, plates etc., a book about making your own baby food or preparing meals for toddlers etc. Just think about anything that would be used during feeding time for the child.

A vibrating chair

Baby Einstein toys, books etc.

A good breastfeeding pillow

Gift certificate for a photography session

I also had a c-section and for mom I would suggest the following:

Prepare some meals that she or hubby can pull out of the freezer and heat up

Offer to come over and do the laundry, wash the floors, vaccum etc. as they want her doing as little as possible for the first few days

Bring a basket (matches her room) filled with all the changing necessities - diapers, wipes, wash cloths, receiving blankets, a change of clothes, diaper cream, changing pad etc. and have her leave it in the room she is going to spend the most amount of time in with baby. This way it eliminates her having to go up and down stairs to change the baby. I did this, I just would change my daughter on the floor, it was great and so much easier on me (I tried the up and down the stairs thing).

A gift certificate for mom to go and pamper herself at a spa when she is feeling more up to it. Also include that you will be the babysister.

I hope my list of suggestions has provided you with some ideas. Good Luck.

With all the toy recalls this year, what will you do for Christmas gifts?

With all the toy recalls this year, what will you do for Christmas gifts?

I will not buy any toy or food (pet or human) or vitamin or supplement made in China ever again! I will make every effort and pay more to buy only toys entirely made in America. There are local artisans here in Pennsylvania, including Amish, who make toys and I will buy from them for my young grandsons this Christmas.

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