World Trade Week on May, 2025: world trade centre?

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world trade centre?

World Trade Center...yes it was blown up...don't ask middle america ask someone from NYC.

World Trade INC escrow agent, trustworthy?

World Trade INC escrow agent, trustworthy?

Hi, YES, YES, YES, I CAN HELP, WORLD TRADE IS A SCAM. I'm Wayne an unemployed Ohio artist who spent hundreds of hours looking for legitimate work at home opportunities on-line and discovered that 98%+ of whats out there is a scam, stealing from those who can afford it least. So I've made it my nightly mission to help keep people from being scammed. I am so glad you posted your question before you spent that large amount of money on a car with World Trade Inc. Here's the scoop and the source:

World Trade INC was formed TWO WEEKS AGO and is already listed as a scam. The person who registered the website (7/18/06) is supposedly Anne Green of 1375 Upper Archers Fork Rd. New Matamoris, OH 45767. Tel: (740) 865-9874. I do not know the nature of the complaint, I assume it's because they are not an escrow agent (?) although they have a convincing site. You can verify what I've told you by clicking on the link below in blue. It will take you to an escrow fraud page, once there click on 'search data base' towards the top. It will take you to a page with a bunch of scamming escrow agents, in the right column are links to the scammers just to see/verify you have the right crooks, > In the left column are numbers, scroll down to "1783" and click on it,< it will show you the info I've outlined and a little more. If you have any problems figuring out what I've explained you can e-mail me: I wish you well & beware!

How do i world trade on pokemon diamond? or world battle!?

How do i world trade on pokemon diamond? or world battle!?

I'll answer you answer in two parts

a. World Trading

World trading is under GTS in Jubilife city. But first you need a few things.

1. ONE gym badge, which is obviously from Roark

2. WIRELESS connection, so wi-fi can work

3. Lots of patience, people on GTS are verryyyy unreasonable, its up to you on what extent you will go to get yourself that pokemon. i even traded a palkia for a feebas.

Get yourself a wireless, internet wireless works too. go under wi-fi options at the starting screen after you press start. Edit all your details and get connected. It WILL be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, its' pretty simple. This is the MOST important step cause without this, you can't do much

After getting a gym badge, go to Jubilife city and talk to the counter. If you're blocked by a .. person, then you haven't got your badge. if you go through then yes, you did.

Talk to the counter and she'll SAVE YOUR GAME (hope you didn't throw that masterball on that magikarp) then you will enter and connect to wi-fi. You'll have 3 choices. deposit, seek and leave.

Deposit is like when you are ASKING for a pokemon, and you OFFER a pokemon in exchange. You need to make it fair or tempting. Cause asking for an arceus with a magikarp won't do you very good. And also make reasonable offers, NOT a level 9 and below gyarados, please.

Seek is when you look at people's offer and if you like or want that pokemon, trade with them what they are asking for. Example, you want a gyarados and someone wants to give you a.. Gyarados for a Haunter, you'll then make a trade. You'll write what pokemon you are seeking but the pokemon you want NEEDS TO BE IN YOUR POKEDEX, so that means no feebas until after mt. coronet challenge. Once you do, people will come into the teleporters, it can be 3 or even 7. Depending on your popularity of the pokemon.

Click on one of them and trade if you can, if not keep looking! took me a week to get a feebas ye know. You'll have to keep trying and keep changing your specifications. Oh and be prepared to lose some important pokemons if your desperate.

leaving needs no explanation

b. World Battling

this can be done ONLY AFTER ELITE 4. Go to the Battle Tower, the one with *spoiler* palmer *end spoiler* (which is at battle area if i am not wrong) and talk to the.. most right or left (i think its left) the one with the blue TV-thing. Talk to her and again, connect to Wi-Fi. You'll be taken to a room where you will battle a random challenger, this will be a tough battle so don't go unprepared. ;D Trust me, i know this. They'll use lots of legendaries there.

Good Luck! And have fun! Expect a few challenges when doing these cause it gets confusing!

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