National Post Card Week on May, 2025: Is "1 FIRST NATIONAL CARD" a legit credit card co.?

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Is "1 FIRST NATIONAL CARD" a legit credit card co.?

here is what i found for you :::::::

Consumer Credit Services

First National Card

61 W. Utah St., Suite 63, Las Vegas, NV 89102

CCA/CCS/First National

• First National Card: Too Good to be True?

• Consumer Complaints

Gabriella of Jamaica NY (02/28/08)

I received a card with my name on it and pre-approved for $6,500. I decided to research it via the internet, and found this website. I would like to say thank you to this website and all the people who posted their comments, as you all saved me from a scam, and hopefully with me posting this will help someone else. Please note that I did not apply for the card, it just came to me with my name on it and was pre-approved, just like most of the other complaints.

Steven of Daytona Beach FL (02/25/08)

I have made several attempts to try get these jerks to stop mailing me their rip-off trash. I don't want my information in this bunch of thiefs' hands. What can I do to stop them from contacting me?

Bunmi of Sterling Heights MI (02/25/08)

I got an unsolicited mail from 1st National card, enclosed is a card that looks like a credit card and information on how to activate with other information. I read closely and perceived this is fraudulent and shared the information with my wife who also felt the same. Disturbed by this strange mail and offer of $6500 credit purchase limit, I decided to go on the net for more information about this company. I thank God for the information available on this site and I wish the general public be notified. I still have the card with me, unactivated, and I do not hope to activate it.

Crystal of Pawtucket RI (02/24/08)

I received the first national card a couple months back, either january or december. I was baffled that the card already had my name on it. I was concerned about that, I didn't think I had applied for the card and I thought I may have forgotten about it. I did go online and tried to look up a catalog site and did not find one. The page never loaded. I put the card aside. Being aware it was here and that very tempting $6,500 offer, I thought about it due to the fact my husband has just returned home from Iraq and as most army wives know, everything falls apart when the husband is away so long. I put the paper away and figured I would read it later. (I never did).

My husband received one last week sometime, around the middle of february. This time I made sure I checked out the internet. I knew it had to be a scam knowing that I never did receive a catalog in the mail and got nothing on the internet. This time this website did show up. Thank God I listened to my instincts on this. Thank You Consumer Affairs for confirming my suspicions. As for those of you receiving offers for your children, i have not gotten one for mine, it may come soon though. I did however receive mail offers for my DOG in prior years. Apparently if you use your children's or pet's name or any other you can think of in the phone book, with the idea that you don't want to pay for an unlisted # you are not required to use your real name in the book but you do so have to on the bill. Any one will and can get your info (ie name&address) from the phone book. It is a sad day when all people have to do is look for phone records to get their mailing list. here is more::::::::::::::::::You’ll also see that if you activate by phone, you must provide banking information and you’ll have an 8 to 14-day "trial period" before your bank account is hit for $199.99.

Additionally, activating by phone will enroll you in a 30-day trial of two “great programs" that will cost $99.99 each if you don’t cancel in time. Oh, and don't forget to tack on a $198.00 annual fee and a $29.99 “rush processing fee.”

That adds up to $627.96 -- pretty expensive considering it gets you just about nothing of indisputable value.

Unfortunately, many consumers -- perhaps short of cash and starved for credit -- don't read the offer carefully and have no idea how much they'll be paying upfront for something that may not help them.

A typical complaint goes something like this: “I just got this card in the mail and when I called to activate they said I needed to give them my checking account info. This is a scam!”

National Insurance Card help?

National Insurance Card help?

It is not really a national insurance "card" anymore it is just a statement of what your NI number is, ( It may be on a card, but a card was only used, when there was a physical stamp stuck on, to indicate that NI had been paid in any week, now it is done by bank payment to the tax man, ( the Department of Works and Pensions ),and yes, you can get work, but as a 15 year old you will be restricted as to the hours you can work in total, in a week ( usually 20 hours max, including theatre work if you do acting ), and will not be permitted to work nights, most 15 year olds, get work stacking supermarket shelves or as Saturday assistants, in Chemists these are not generally advertised, just ask any store if they need one as a part time worker, after a few tries some one always says yes, just stick to the process, you will get there. That is how the winners in life behave, they get out there, and knock on doors, do auditions, ask around all the time, and do it again and again, sooner or later you are the one in the right place, at the right time, that is not luck, it is not chance, if you want a life and a career, that is how it gets done !!!

And keep records of starting dates and wage slips ( you have no idea how much of a problem you will have if you lose these , one last thing , when you keep these wage slips write down the cost of a gallon of petrol (or a litre), and a loaf of bread, or a dozen eggs, on the back, and in the years to come, you can see whether your life has increased in value, or whether your bosses are screwing you as time goes by, and if your life has actually been an upward climb or a downward slope.

Because all money loses value as time goes by, usually, even now, at the rate of 2.5% a year, so your life should increase in value at least at the rate of inflation annually, or you are going backward and being cheated by an employer, if it does not, and he is making an increased profit for himself, if he does this to your wage.

Then get up and leave, after you have found another better job, having many jobs does not stop someone employing you, but being stuck in one for decades will tell a possible boss that you are not someone considered as worthy of promotion, by your employers, so if you are still in the same position after 2 years, then it is time to look around for something better, you, like everyone else, only have so many working years coming to you, be ambitious, or you will lose out on too much, and trust me on this one nothing will chain you so much in old age as poverty...

Want a real scare ? then get an Argos catalogue and sit down with a pen and paper, and just add up from the prices, what it will cost during your life, to pay for home furnishing and carpets, wallpaper, washing machine, hoover, painting, tools and garden tools, seats settee, beds, cooker, fridge/ freezers, for a three bedroom house , and then realise that either age or fashion will mean that none of this will last more than five years, if you are lucky, before you have to replace it.

This does not include a house, that even at current rates, will cost three and a half times, it's original agreed purchase price, to pay off a 25 year mortgage, and then add a decent car, ( every five years, if you can look after the one you got, or even can, afford a garage or the tools ), and the cost of life, and contents, and car insurance, for you and a partner, and now think of kids and clothing and feeding and schooling if you want them to have a chance of a decent life .

Then realise, that that no one can actually afford to follow any path in life, that does not give a fair return for the hours of your life, do all you can not to get stuck in a low paid position and if you do, then get out and move on, that means putting a plan in place, and following it, set your time limits for staying in one place, two years at most, after that all the little lies told about you, by those around you, will start affecting your career, in some cases even where people will say that you told them that you were not interested in promotions or a raise ! believe me people do this cr@p, all the time, at work, and it can hurt even when you do not know about it, but if you move on, the damage ends there....

National Bingo Night 6/15?

National Bingo Night 6/15?

I Won! This was a great week. 12 Kmart gift card wins, 6 Quiznos gift cards and 58 entries into the blue card sweepstakes. That's out of 3159 sets of cards (so 28431 cards total).

I'm keeping 3 Kmart gift cards and posting the rest of the winning cards on my website ( ) for everybody to fight over.

Good luck.

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