Freedom of Speech Week on October, 2024: Freedom of Speech?

Freedom of Speech Week 2024. Free Speech Week Free Speech Week

Freedom of Speech?

Probably by abiding by the rules Yahoo posts for its Answers section.

This is not a freedom of speech issue as much as it is a business issue. The question may have been reported by somebody and the poster was sent a message saying that the question violated the rules of the Answers arena.

As for the Chinese market, free speech is not free everywhere. If you want to express an opinion not in compliance with Yahoo rules, you are free to do so IN THIS COUNTRY, and you can make your own blog or web page or post to any one of hundreds of thousands of sites and not be penalized for it.

The beauty of free speech is that you can say whatever you want to, and we can disagree with you and respond back.

This is a business setting though, designed to enhance traffic and expose users to advertising, etc. The nation guarantees you a right to free speech, but businesses are not necessarily bound by this.

Have you noticed that Yahoo has done away with the Discuss option on their articles?

i need a help on a informative speech!!!?

i need a help on a informative speech!!!?

Ideally, you need about a week to put a good speech together. You gather your materials, you read it, you decide on what to use, you make an outline, you make note cards to use during your speech (if they allow it), and you practice the speech out loud 5 or 6 times. That's how you prepare a good speech.

But you don't have that kind of time. OK, so we go the bare bones route. You have an INFORMATIVE speech. That means you just lay out the facts. You don't have to convince anybody, like a PERSUASIVE speech. You just lay out the facts. OK, so how many minutes does your speech have to be? Generally speaking, you can cover 3-5 topics in a speech, so if it's a 3 minute speech, I would pick 3 of your topics (if you have that freedom). Skim your materials for facts on a given topic. Spend 10 minutes reading an article on AIDS, and then start writing down facts and statistics. Try to gather them on a particular topic if possible (AIDS risk factors, or AIDS prevention, or living with AIDS, etc.--AIDS is a HUGE topic) Most speeches have 1 central theme and a few supporting statements, so finding RELATED facts is helpful. But for an informative speech, you probably have a little more leeway. The more the information among your topics ties in together, the better the speech. But this will be a lot to ask given your time frame.

OK, so that's one topic, one minute. Then your next topic, try to tie it in with the first, and do the same thing. If you are trying to relate AIDS and STDS and condoms, you find an article about that, or 2 related articles, and write about your 2nd topic (for the 2nd minute of your speech). Then do the 3rd. If your speech is 4 minutes, do 4 topics, OR, do TWO minutes on each topic. Try to break it down evenly if you can, but DONT do 10 topics for 10 minutes or 10 topics in 5 minutes. You're covering too much ground, and you will just be rattling off unrelated facts. TRY to come up with SOME kind of tie-in, no matter what you cover.

Now, each speech also has an intro and a conclusion, just like a paper. Each of these should be very short, and the intro and conclusion should be pretty much identical. They just reinforce the body of the speech (the 3 or 4 main paragraphs or ideas). Also, your intro should mention the ORDER and the NAME of each topic. For example, if I was doing AIDS and condoms:

My speech is about how condoms prevent AIDS. There are 3 basic ways that they do this 1) They provide a physical barrier, 2) They ....., and 3) They .... I will briefly outline how this happens.

When used properly, condoms provide a physical barrier during sex. This keeps viruses from being transferred to your partner. That means........

In addition, condoms will.....(TOPIC 2) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Finally, condoms can also (TOPIC 3) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In conclusion, I want to remind you that condoms prevent AIDS by (TOPIC 1) and (TOPIC 2) and (TOPIC 3). This makes life good for everyone.

OK, it's me again. That's kind of how it should go for ANY speech. Many speeches, particularly PERSUASIVE, must have a central THEME supported by your TOPICS. But as I said, for informative, this may not be as essential, but do it if you can.

Because this is for tomorrow, you need to recite your final speech OUT LOUD at least once, preferably more. Use a stopwatch or second hand on a watch. People tend to talk too fast and think their speeches last longer than they really are. Nothing gets you an F quicker than talking for only 40 seconds during a 5 minute speech. Also, it gives you a chance to see how you will REALLY react when you give the speech. Do this in front of a friend if possible.

Last thing: Getting materials. Obviously, going to the library is out of the question, so do a Google search on only 1 or 2 of your topics (if you are allowed to narrow the topic this way). You can put together a speech much faster if you can narrow your topic, because then you can read and process fewer articles. But you didn't say if you had to choose among these, or if you have to do something COMBINING all of them. But the web will have good sources, so don't fret too much there. TIME magazine, NEWSWEEK, or maybe something like "American Medical Journal AIDS" may have something you can use. Wikiepedia might work, but the facts might be questionable.


What has happened to freedom of speech?

What has happened to freedom of speech?

no freedom of speech on here. my wife got a violation last week for her answer to a Q. the the guy who asked the Q gave her best answer. (no it wasn't me) it was to do with how do you like your stake cooked.

obviously a vegetarian reported her. shows how stupid yahoo police this site. they just dish out violations for no just reason. its all automated and wrong.

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