Iced Tea Month on June, 2023: Drinking Water instead of Ice tea?

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Iced Tea Month

Iced teas are a sweet, refreshing, cold drink which may be loved throughout the year. It may be made in many flavours, including lemon or peach. It’s frequently offered with ice and sliced fruit, which makes it the right drink when you wish to awesome lower. This Iced Tea Month why don't you relax and relax having a glass?If you’ve never attempted iced tea before, Iced Tea Month is time for you to achieve this! It may be bought ready-to-drink, some cafés serve it, or you might even lookup a recipe and try making your personal. Should you not feel confident, you are able to sometimes buy powdered iced tea that you just mix with water and revel in. Iced tea includes a wealthy heritage, getting been loved not less than a century, so another project idea to celebrate is researching its history.

Drinking Water instead of Ice tea?

I love Ice Tea too and I had to cut out the tea b/c I would spend so much money buying tea every month lol. But water helped me improve my skin and I don't have like dark circles or anything like that anymore. Plus, I don't feel tired as much. I started drinking water 4 months ago. I drink tea as a treat to myself, I really used to hate water, but now I love it!

Water can help flush out your system, improve your skin and improve dark circles/undereye bags, it helps save you money from buying alot of tea lol and it also helps you control your appetite too. I've noticed that I'm eating less now, I mean I love to eat, but I don't have a gut anymore lol. There's alot water can do, just don't drink like too much

ice tea!!!?

ice tea!!!?

MCDonalds makes good tea. I'm glad they are finally making it again. It was EXCELLENT for years , and then they started sharing the pot with the iced coffee / tea and would get confused . Almost all the tea had a coffee flavor / was terrible. I quit buying it after complaining several months. I found a new tea connection , stake and shake . I went back to McDonalds a couple weeks ago and they had a pot for just tea. I bought one and am pleased to report it's EXCELLENT again. It has no sugar. They now added a tea with sugar too. I've been back a few times for tea and it's consistently it's been good. I'm thrilled ! Taco Bell , makes great little fast food treats but the tea is not fresh brewed.

but I am not sure how to make it though :[

Can I give my 14 month old decaf unsweetened iced tea?

Can I give my 14 month old decaf unsweetened iced tea?

I asked my pediatrician about this when my daughter was about 2, because daughter liked to share my iced tea (regular, not decaf) when we went out to eat.

Pediatrician was of the opinion that normal iced tea, as served in a cup with lots of ice, did not contain anything in a concentration sufficient to cause my daughter harm. This was assuming that my daughter was only taking a few swallows of the tea, which she was, and that she only consumed it occasionally, which was also true.

Daughter is now 14 and still likes to drink iced tea, also enjoys hot camomile tea in the evenings. No harm seems to have come to her.

FWIW, my mom tells me (I can't remember this myself) that my grandpa, her father, used to feed my brother and I sugar cubes dipped in his coffee when we were toddlers. I don't think we were harmed by this practice, although interestingly neither my brother or I drink coffee.

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