Atheist Day 2025 is on Tuesday, April 1, 2025: Why can't there be an atheist day?

Tuesday, April 1, 2025 is Atheist Day 2025. National Ask an Atheist Day National Ask an Atheist Day is

Atheist Day

The roots of Atheist Day could be tracked to a spoof story, released around the intranet in 2003, in regards to a imaginary situation of the Atheist suing the federal government as, unlike virtually all of the religions, there is no day for Atheists, that the judge stated the date (i.e. April Fool’s Day) was their holiday. Although this situation was imaginary, the storyline spread and was really stated to become fact. Along with the day is proven to be an event for pranks, Atheists stated your day for his or her own, after which stated the day (ironically) doesn’t really exist!There isn’t really a precise method of honoring Atheist Day, though many make use of the opportunity show the absence of belief, and/or initiate theological debate. Since Atheism continues to be a questionable subject occasionally, it’s an chance to improve understanding of the entire subject.

Why can’t there be an atheist day?

every day is atheist day.

you can't just be an atheist on sunday mornings and then go out and live the rest of your life without thinking about it. being an atheistic hypocrite is what a believing world simply finds unbelievable.

every day should be celebrated as atheist day. think, breathe, eat, and drink atheism 24/7. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday.

every day is atheist day.

can i get an amen?

Atheist: if E.D. thank you 4 answer would you still be atheist?

Atheist: if E.D. thank you 4 answer would you still be atheist?

"if I find noah ark would you still be atheist?"

Yes, finding the remains of a large boat would not prove anything other than the story of Noah's ark was probably inspired by real events. Furthermore, it would provide conclusive proof of it's size and from that size, we could easily conclude the basic feasibility of the story as usually conferred. Chances are it'd be far too small for what was intended.

"if 1M $ fall out if sky in to youre hand would you still be atheist?"

Yes. I don't see it happening, but simultaneously, I don't see why a god would resort to monetary bribes when it's supposed to be omnipotent.

"if their is evidence that GHOST and spirt exist would you still be atheist?"

Yes. They'd just be another physical phenomenon and I don't see how they confirm christianity, rather they confirm ghost stories.

"if the world is complete piece would you still be atheist?"

Yes. I assume you mean "peace". I don't see how a lack of warfare is going to convince me of religion when a lot of warfare is religiously based.

"if the world is perfect would you still be atheist?"

Yes. A perfect world would not require the "hope" of religion.

"if church was entertainment would you still be atheist?"

Yes. I've always thought it was just-for-entertainment anyway. It's kinda boring in general though.

"if most person was atheist & make fun of religious would you still be atheist?"


"if you can had a FREE lotary ticket would you taken it? would you still be atheist?"


"if other animal evolution 2 talk & their christien would you still be atheist?"

Yes. It would actually refute much of christianity to find an animal with a "soul" and a belief in christianity.

"if your dog come back 2 life after he died would you still be atheist?"

Yes. I'd simply try and figure out how it happened.

"if the bible was science textbook would you still be atheist?"

Yes. Consider that people try to call it that at the moment and their arguments hold no water.

"if j.c said you can had any hot girl you want if you are not atheist would you still be atheist?"

Yes. I've no interest in random hot girls, and I've no interest in a religious figure who is nothing more than a pimp.

"if that thing from movie What women want w/ mel gibson happen 2 you would you still be atheist?"

Haven't seen the film.

"what are you most sckepticism about god? if it change would you still be atheist?"

No, because God would have actually appeared directly and let me watched while he solved all the food/war/evil-people problems of the world.

"if their was a POPE for atheist would you still be atheist?"

Yes, because there can't be a pope of atheism. How do you "lead" a non-belief?

"if the smartest atheist in life became not atheist would you still be atheist?"

Yes. Having a high IQ doesn't necessarily mean you're applying it usefully, correctly or even in a sane manner. Personal opinion holds NO weight, only a structured argument (which may express opinion) holds any water and if they can't form such an argument, I remain uncompelled.

"if apes didnt exist would you still be atheist?"

Yes. Species go extinct all the time, why would apes be any different?

"if an alien is come from pluto came 2 earth and he is christien would you still be atheist?"

Yes. Said alien would still have the same burden of proof as earth-bound christians.

"if evolutien is truth why do we had bad smells?"

Bad smells are often associated with things that are harmful if we eat or touch them. It's advantageous if a critter has a sensory perception capable of making such a distinction, even if only in some cases.

"if you can had life for ever would you still be atheist?"

Probably, I have no idea what I'd be doing in a trillion years - maybe I'd have gotten so bored that I tried christianity out for the fits and giggles.

"if you wake up & has wings for fly would you still be atheist?"

Yes, and I'd be flying about all the frickin time because that would be awesome.

"if you had a dream of god speak 2 you would you still be atheist?"

Yes, dreams are just that.

"what if god tell you he is real would you still be atheist?"

Depends on the circumstances, if I'm just hearing a voice in my head then no. If it's something that leaves physical evidence that is really obvious, then maybe not.

"if socretes died on cross and raised in th third day, would you still be atheist?"

Yes, what has socrates got to do with anything lol

"if you're wife is save by prey would you still be atheist?"

If she was actually saved by prayer, then probably not. Point of contention is that prayer has never actually been shown to be anything more than ritual meditation and it's external effects are no different from placebo.

"are you still atheist?"


When exactly is atheist day?

When exactly is atheist day?

december 25!!!

Christmas is nothing to do with either Christianity or Islam but it does have it's origins in the midwinter festival and many other basically pagan rites but since much of it is a celebration of nature rather than religion everyone should be able to enjoy it and be happy together despite religion!!

The ancient European pagans celebrated the midwinter festival and a number of other festivals long before Christianity ever existed!

Babylonians celebrated the feast of the Son of Isis with gluttonous eating and drinking, and gift giving and the goddess of fertility, love, and war.

The Romans held a festival on 25 December called “Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, celebrating their own god Sol Invictas - PAGAN.

The Persian god Mithras, the Syrian sun god Elah Gabal, the German Sol, the Greek Helios and the Mesopotamian Shamash. But also Saturnalia, honouring Saturn, the God of Agriculture. The law courts and schools were closed. No public business could be transacted an this is where the holidays originated - ALL PAGAN!!!

Wax tapers were given by the more humble to their superiors. The origin of the Christmas candle - PAGAN!!

In Rome groups of costumed went from house to house entertaining their people. And this was where the carolling Christmas tradition originated PAGAN!!

Statues of the Mother and lover or Mother and son were paraded through the streets not only in Italy but also in Africa, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and Bulgaria. Thus, the symbolism of the Heavenly Virgin and the infant child paraded on a yearly basis are not of Christian origin. They stem from the Mother-goddess religion, which is very ancient ENTIRELY PAGAN!!.

Scandinavian countries celebrated Yule honouring Thor - PAGAN.

In Germania (not Germany) they celebrated midwinter night followed by 12 wild nights of eating and drinking. The 12 days of Christmas PAGAN!!

The church under Pope Julius I declared that Christ’s birth would be celebrated on December 25 in 350 AD in order to try to hijack the PAGAN festivals but it was largely ignored. Christians did not really celebrate Christmas until 378 but it was then dropped in 381 and not resurrected until 400.

The Christmas tree stems from pagan tradition and ritual surrounding the Winter Solstice, which included the use of holly boughs ivy and other foliage as an adaptation of pagan tree worship. Holly and ivy represented male and female. Mistletoe was considered a sacred plant, and the custom of kissing under the mistletoe began as a fertility ritual - all PAGAN!!

Santa Claus came from the Dutch “Sinterklaas” and was a tall figure riding a white horse through the air and usually accompanied by Black Peter, an elf who punished disobedient children. Also the origin of the reindeer, sleigh and the elves ALL PAGAN!!

The modern red coated Santa was brought about by coca cola!!

America actually banned Christmas several times and is the originator of the expression “Happy Holidays” which came about because of the pagan origins of Christmas to include all religions and traditions!!

The Venerable Bede, an early Christian writer pointed out that the Christian church absorbed Pagan practices when it found the population unwilling to give up the festivals. Thus a lot of what Christians now see as Christians practices are in fact pagan!!!

Christmas is the time of year christians strive to prove just how pagan they have become!!!

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